How To Make Thousands Of Dollars Each Month Sending Simple Short Emails

Nick & Kate At Home 'working' Poolside
Nick & Kate At Home ‘working’ Poolside

Imagine sitting down on a terrace or veranda overlooking the sea, opening up your laptop and writing out a simple short email, clicking the ‘send’ button, shutting up your laptop, and then going off to enjoy the rest of your vacation knowing that…

…As you spend your day having fun with your family, money is being deposited into your bank account automatically.

If you think what I have said is far-fetched and can’t happen… think again!

Not only is it possible, but it is also happening to countless thousands of people.

Making money by sending simple emails is a business like any other, except it is part of the new online economy and it is incredibly simple to run.

I myself make thousands of dollars sending simple easy-to-write emails to my list of email subscribers.

Kate and I have built our online business to the point that if we want to pay for a couple of flights and a week away for us both, all we have to do is send a couple of emails and we will have the money drop into our bank account.

Anik Singal, a big-name marketer from the US, generated over $1 million throughout a 12-day period by sending out a series of just 18 emails.

The product he was promoting was an affiliate product by the legendary marketer and law of attraction ‘guru’ (if there’s such a thing) Joe Vitale.

Joe’s product was priced at around $3,000 and for every one that Anik sold, he was paid a 50% commission.

I believe the email list was a fairly new email list that Anik had started to grow purposely for the promotion. He was given a launch date and so he began gathering the names of potential customers.

Anik is not alone. I and many others make a lot of money promoting products to an email list.

The products which people promote are either their own or, as you have seen in the previous example, other peoples’ where they get paid a large commission when a sale is made.

You may be wondering why people who are trying to make money would want to pay a large commission to other people… well it’s because the people who have large email lists can generate a lot of sales.

Keeping 100% of the profit is great… if you want to earn small amounts of money.

A product owner knows that giving people large commissions can mean selling more products.

For example:

20 sales of a $297 product would give you $5,940 if you kept the full 100%.


50% of 1,000 sales of a $297 product would give you $148,500.

Tell me, which would you prefer?

Do you want the full 100% profit of a handful of sales or a share of the profit on loads of sales?

When a product owner offers commissions to those who are willing to promote their product, it means that there is a fantastic opportunity for people like you to make a lot of money.

Quick Cash Deposits

Imagine that you knew 100 people who were interested in investing in crypto-currencies but they hadn’t a clue where to start, but you knew someone who did. That friend of yours could easily help them to get started and go on to make a stack of money.

Imagine that your friend said that he would happily teach those people everything they needed to know about crypto-currency if they’d invest in a two day event for $2,997 each and that he would give you 50% for every person you sent his way.

Wouldn’t you rush off and tell that 100 people all about the event?

If just 10 of those you told went and paid to spend the two days with your friend learning crypto-currency investing, you would have earned a cool $14,985!

All you did was tell people all about your friend’s offer.

Imagine that all 100 people were in the same room and to tell them you simply climbed onto the table and shouted out the event details to all 100 people at the same time.

It could take you ten minutes to tell everyone about the two-day crypto-currency event. Maybe 30 minutes if you have any questions to answer.

You could have earned $14,985 for what was no more than half an hour’s work.

Doesn’t that sound like a rather cool business to be in?

Hell, I’d happily spend all week telling people about it for $14,985!

Well, the good news is that you don’t need to rely on having one or two close friends who are offering products, you can access thousands of products to promote and you can promote them to tens of thousands of other people… all at the same time.

And you do that by building an email list.

So how do you build an email list?

Building Your Own Email ‘Cash Machine’

To build your own email list, you first give away something of value for free online.

That something could be:

  • A short PDF report
  • An eBook
  • A video or series of videos
  • A webinar or live training event
  • A piece of software, a template
  • A cheat sheet
  • A series of audio files and podcasts.

You can give away anything as long as it gives value to the person who has handed over their name and email address to access it.

As you might have seen on my website, I have a couple of opt-in boxes where I am giving away The 3-Part Plan To Topping $100,000 Per Year In Profit training.

When a person signs up, they will receive both a PDF and an audio recording which outlines how to make $100,000 or more per year using a 3-part plan.

If you have not yet got your own copy of The 3-Part Plan To Topping $100,000 Per Year In Profit, go to the opt-in box to the right of this page and sign up now.

You might have also spotted on another page that I am giving away a short report about how to make money with your own membership product. It’s a short 22 page PDF called The MINI Membership Model.

I also give away a free physical book. I do ask people to contribute towards the shipping costs for that, but it’s nothing when you consider what information is inside that book and how much you can earn back if you act on that information.

I give away quite a lot of valuable information and content because it is a great way to build up an email list and as you should know by now, an email list is where the money is.

You may be thinking that it all seems like a lot of work, but I can assure you that it’s not.

The products and content which I give away could be created within a day if you really put your mind to it.

If you are willing to spend a little bit of time and maybe some money, you could easily have your own website and product to give away ready within a few days… a week tops.

Creating Your Own Lead Magnets

A lead magnet doesn’t need to be much. It can be a short PDF report.

I have previously signed up for a PDF report which was only four pages long.

A short report can take as little as a few hours to write – especially if it is only four pages long – if you know the subject well.

That PDF could then be read out loud and recorded into a microphone and shared as an MP3 audio file.

Or you can set things up the other way around…

You could talk into a microphone for half an hour about a specific topic that people want to learn more about and then have that audio transcribed into text and turned into your PDF report.

Or, if you prefer, you could record a short video using cheap software such as Loom or Screencast-O-Matic, then have the audio taken from the video to make both an audio file and again have that audio transcribed to make the written PDF report.

That way you can give away three different formats of the same information which are suited to people who prefer different learning styles.

Some people prefer to listen to audio and podcasts, some prefer to read, while others prefer to learn by watching videos.

Obviously, some things are best taught either as a video or a readable report.

If you need to show pictures and screenshots then you need to write a report… if images and text are not enough to show people what to do, a video may be better.

Create your lead magnet in whatever style fits best with the content you intend to share.

If creating your own lead magnet is not for you, you can always outsource the work and pay someone to create it for you… Or you can License a ready-made Lead Magnet and use that to build your list instead. (Check out and see if these are a good fit for you).

Growing Your Email List

Once you have your website up and running – incidentally, a website can cost as little as $200 for two whole years – and your Lead Magnet ready, you add an opt-in form to your website advertising the fact that people can download/access it by simply giving you their name and email address.

Opt-in forms (also called opt-in boxes) can be created within the email autoresponder service you use.

There are many autoresponder services to choose from including Aweber, Get Response, Mail Chimp and many more.

They vary in price and some are better suited for this kind of online business. Aweber is usually a good place to start and you can get started for free.

Aweber allows you to build one email list of 501 subscribers for free. Once you go over that you will need to start paying. If you need more than one email list then you will need to pay, which can cost as little as $16.15 per month.

However… be aware that Aweber counts unsubscribers as subscribers so you should delete people as soon as they unsubscribe otherwise you will end up having to pay for your account.

For example: If you have 495 active subscribers and 7 unsubscribers in your account, that will be classed as 502 subscribers and you will have to start paying. So until you have a full 502 active subscribers, I suggest that you delete all unsubscribers so that you can enjoy using your email list for free.

Once you have your email opt-in forms set up on your website, you need to send people to your website to start building your email list and I shall cover that in more detail in another article soon.

Simple Emails Worth $$$$

As your email list grows, you send regular emails which have a balance of helpful and useable content, stories, and product promotions. The promotions can be affiliate products where you earn a commission for any sales made or/and they can be your own.

I recommend that you make your own products because you can keep more of the profits for yourself but you can also have other people promote them for you, making you more money.

It can take as little as ten minutes to write an email, maybe an hour tops, but when each email generates several sales they all add up over the month.

Just two sales per week of a $297 product would give you $2,376 a monthall from writing simple emails… and that is a very low figure may I add!

Remember when I used the example of standing on a table and telling 100 people at the same time about the crypto-currency event?

With email, you can tell thousands of people at the same time about your and other people’s products and services.

With email, you can easily make more money each month for a few hours work than most people do working 160 hours… and it can be done from anywhere in the world.

Get Started Today For Free

Building an email list and then sending our regular emails is actually easier than you may think.

To encourage you to GET STARTED TODAY FOR FREE… I have a very special offer for you to enjoy. Simply join Aweber for free today by clicking here.

Then when you forward to me your ’email confirmation’ of your new account having been created (just send an email to me at with the Subject Line ‘Help Me Build My eMail List’)

I will send you a personal reply and also a download link for a special report entitled Growing Your List Fast!

Or, if you already have an email autoresponder account and you’d also like to take advantage of this special offer, just forward to me your most recent invoice (or a receipt) for your current email autoresponder to the same email address – using the same subject line of ‘Help Me Build My eMail List’ and I will also send you the same report with my compliments too.