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The Outsourcing Secret That 99% Of People Don’t Know!

I don’t want to offend your intelligence and tell you exactly what outsourcing is, I know you know what it is, but there is a secret to outsourcing that you may not know about. This secret is one of those secrets that are hiding in plain sight. It’s there, right in front of your eyes. When I share it with you, you’ll kick yourself. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if you already know it… but wasn’t aware of it. If you do know it and are aware of it but do not do anything with that knowledge, it may

The Failure To Understand Failure Is The Worst Failure Of All!

I know… that is one heck of a title isn’t it? But it is true. The failure to understand failure is the worst failure of all… and here’s why. Failure happens. It happens to all of us, and it happens to the best of us. In fact, the reason some people are considered as ‘the best of us’ is because they failed more than most people… and they didn’t give up. They understood failure and what it meant to fail. To fail meant that you have just learned how not to do something. If it helps… think of it like

Money Loves Speed

Nick James Money Loves Speed

It is true, money loves speed. The biggest problem is that most people sit and wait for the money to come to them… but they actually delay its arrival by not actively giving it the boost it needs. To make money come to you faster, you need to spend money. This is the bit that people struggle with the most. But it is true… without spending money you prevent the money you want and deserve from coming towards you at speed. For example, imagine that it started to rain money. Seeing the coins and paper falling from the sky from

The Truth About Earning Six-Figures A Year Publishing Digital Products

The Truth

You’ve seen all of the blog posts, social media posts, YouTube videos, TikTok videos, eBooks and adverts saying that you can earn six-figures or more selling digital products… Well, the truth is…   You can. It is true… you can make six-figures selling digital products online. Unfortunately, a lot of people still struggle to get their heads around it and fail to understand that it is actually a lot easier than most people realise. For some people, it seems too good to be true. They struggle to believe that it is possible… at least, not for those who are ordinary

12 Reasons Why You Need To Start Your Own Info-publishing Business

Allow me to introduce you to 12 customers of mine who have all created a six-figure-a-year information publishing business of their own. The reason I want to share their stories is that each of them has had to overcome a series of adversities or challenges and yet they have all become incredibly successful in their own rights thanks in part to what they have learned from me. I am itching to share their full names with you but all in due course. I’ve shared their full stories in a new book that I’ve just launched on Amazon. More about that

The Successful Six: The Six Vital Components Needed To Build A Six Figure A Year Online Business

The Successful Six

Because I want you to succeed and build your very own wildly profitable and successful online business, in this article I’m going to lay out the six vital parts of a successful online business. Before I explain each in better detail, here they are in no particular order: I’m going to start with number six on the list which in my mind is the most important part of an online business. This is what most people want in life and it is the one thing people should make a priority in their online business. Working Less Hours Working less is

How An 8 Year Old Girl Taught Greg To Grow A Six – Seven Figure Business

Greg Cesar is an information publisher who is dominating many niches on Amazon right now earning him hundreds of thousands of dollars each year… and it is all thanks to an 8 year old girl. He was inspired to use Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) after hearing how an e year old girl was ‘kicking his butt’ and making more money online than he was. Greg agreed to do a podcast interview with us and you can hear that incredible interview here: >> Internet Marketing Podcast – The Greg Cesar Interview << Taking some of the main points from that

How To Profit Multiple Times From The One Niche/Market

Nick James Scuba Diving

You may or may not know this about me, but I love to go scuba diving. Over the years I have spent a small fortune learning specific types of diving, about different dive gear and getting the relevant certificates required to go diving. I absolutely love it. Scuba diving is a perfect example of how you can take one niche and turn it into a business with a portfolio of profitable products. A diving school could easily spend a week or two teaching everything about scuba diving, but they generally don’t. The reason for that is when people try to

Make Money Today – With These Free To Start Online Opportunities

Affiliate Commissions

In previous articles and emails, I have talked extensively about the need to make more money to help ease the burden of the current cost-of-living crisis. A lot of the methods to make money that I talk about take some time to get started. They can and will make you a lot of money when they are up and running correctly, but there may be a waiting time between starting and making a decent amount of money. When you need to make money fast, there are ways to make money that do not require you to learn a lot of

The Write Way To Build A Six Figure Freedom Business

As a person who writes and publishes information online, it pays to keep up to date with things that are going on in the industry. To keep up to date I read a lot of articles, read eBooks & reports, watch plenty of videos and keep in touch with people that I know within the industry and complementary industries. The other week I was talking to one such person, Drew, who is a freelance writer. He was telling me that he was in the process of moving abroad and that he was currently living with his in-laws while he and

MY SECRET To Content Creation And Building A Multimillion Dollar Information Publishing Business

I want to open up this article with a screenshot I took the other week on my phone while scrolling through Facebook. For privacy reasons, I have blurred out the face and name of my friend as he only shares posts with close friends and family. He has given me permission to share the actual post. He is a copywriter and an information publisher. He is a digital entrepreneur who runs an online business that he can take anywhere in the world… a business that can make sales on autopilot while he sleeps. As his post shows, when he wakes

Becoming Oprah… Why You Need To Publish A Newsletter

Nick James -Internet MarketingNewsletter

In a previous article, I mentioned that successful and wealthy people are successful and wealthy because of the amount of value they give to other people’s lives. Take Google for example… Google (under the umbrella name of Alphabet Inc) is an internet and software service business that is worth a colossal $1.30 trillion. I cannot imagine how much that is in real money. But, here’s the thing, Google started in a small garage at the rear of a property in Menlo Park, California. It supplied free access to the internet and still provides a lot of free tools like Gmail,

Enjoy More Vacations And More Of Life With Your Own Personal Cash Machine

Nick James Email Cash Machine

Imagine for one minute that you owned a large apartment complex. In total there are 5,000 apartments and each apartment has paying tenants. Each month you earn money when those tenants pay their rent. The money drops nicely into your bank… you need not do anything other than managing the properties and enjoy your money. Today the money is deposited directly into your bank account automatically, but a few years ago you might have had to go from apartment to apartment collecting the rent. It might have been a pain, but it wasn’t hard work. The hard work was building

The No 1 Mistake That Has ‘Newbies’ Leaving HUGE Amounts Of Money On The Table

In a previous article titled ‘The Freemium Business Model: Using The Power Of FREE To Make Money’ I talk a lot about how to make money giving away a ton of quality information. The system is called the Freemium Business Model and it is incredibly powerful. However… There is something that you need to remember, it is a vital part of the Freemium model. You should always have one or several ‘big backend’ offers. Whenever you give anything away for free, you should have something ready to sell to those who sign up. A lot of people have this down

The No1 Productivity Tip: The Secret To Getting More Done And Banking Bigger Profits!

Number 1 Productivity Tip

In previous emails and articles I have talked about why there isn’t an actual ‘good time’ to start. I talked about why people fail to get started and why they should in fact start as soon as they can. As well as waiting for the right time to come around, many people don’t get started because they are too focused on thinking about what to do and learning as much as they can first. Now, don’t get me wrong, learning and thinking about something before you start is great… but not if it becomes an ‘obstacle‘ to getting started. Very

The Freemium Business Model: Using The Power Of FREE To Make Money

I’m going to give you some free advice… it might be free advice… but it’s incredibly powerful advice. It might just be the best darn rooting tooting advice that you will ever need to hear. Are you ready? Here goes… Giving stuff away for FREE is one of the best ways to grow a business and make money. In fact, I’d say that it IS the best and only way to grow an online business. A lot of people baulk at the idea of giving stuff away for free because they believe that a business is about making money… which

The Cost Of Living Crisis: There Has Never Been A Better Time To Make Money Online

Energy Bills Are Crazy!

Unless you have been living on the Moon, you will have noticed that there is a current cost of living crisis and a global recession looming. Things have not been looking good for the cost of energy for quite some time. People’s electricity and gas bills have increased astronomically. Some have gone up five times their previous monthly amounts. That means that what they once paid for FIVE months, they are now expected to pay for just ONE! If fact here is a bill I’ve just received for the last 3 months of Gas and Electricity… And yes most of

Podcasts: The Little Known Secret To Becoming Wealthy And Successful

Internet Marketing Podcast

The late great business coach and motivational speaker Bob Proctor, made famous by his appearance in the documentary The Secret, used to drive everywhere with a portable record player in his car and listen to motivational records by people like Earl Nightingale… who Bob eventually went on to work with. The reason why Bob would listen to those kinds of records instead of just listening to pop songs on the radio was that it programed him to achieve more and to think and behave differently. Every time Bob was in the car, he would listen to those records. Whenever he

How To Make Products You Can Sell For $97 Or More

Nick James Creating A New Product In The Kitchen

I’ve talked extensively about selling digital products online. The reason for that is that they are cheap to create and you can sell them for a premium price making you a very decent profit. Digital information products will make you a lot of money as long as you do it right. As well as being incredibly cheap to make, I am happy to tell you that they are also incredibly easy to make. You can either make them yourself or if you want to speed the process up a little and you have some money to invest, you can outsource

The 8 Most Powerful Methods To Attract Customers To Your Website

My 8 Favorite Traffic Methods

We live in the greatest time of human history where the average person can make money from the comfort of their homes selling digital information products to people from all around the world at any time of the day and night… all on autopilot… for a start-up price costing less than two tickets to see the band Coldplay. Yes, seriously! Two tickets to see Coldplay on their current World Tour (2022-2023) will cost somewhere around $320… that is for the cheapest tickets mind. You can start an online information publishing business for as little as $300. In fact, there are