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Becoming Oprah… Why You Need To Publish A Newsletter

Oprah - Everyone Gets A Newsletter!

In a previous article, I mentioned that successful and wealthy people are successful and wealthy because of the amount of value they give to other people’s lives. Take Google for example… Google (under the umbrella name of Alphabet Inc) is an internet and software service business that is worth a colossal $1.30 trillion. I cannot imagine how much that is in real money. Here’s the thing, Google started in a small garage at the rear of a property in Menlo Park, California. It supplied free access to the internet and still provides a lot of free tools like Gmail, Google

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Direct Mail Marketing (Busting The Common Myths)

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Direct Mail Marketing (Busting The Common Myths)

In a previous article, I have highlighted several reasons why you should consider using Direct Mail marketing instead of just using the modern online methods, today I am going to highlight a few more. Direct Mail may be a method that’s not used by many people today, but that doesn’t mean that it is in any way less effective than it once was. It most certainly is not any less effective compared to more online methods of marketing. In fact, I’d say that it is a lot better. A lot of people think marketing using direct mail is expensive. Let

The Great Inbox War: Battle For Email Supremacy

Email War

I love email marketing, it has made me many millions over the recent years, so what I am about to say may come as a bit of a surprise to you. Email marketing is wonderful… but when someone unsubscribes from your email list or requests to stop receiving emails from you… you have no way of following up and asking for feedback. The laws (and guidance) regarding email are constantly changing and becoming stricter which means that when someone requests to stop receiving specific information from you, they have to be completely removed from your database meaning that should they

Five Reasons To Use This Old School Marketing Method.

Nick James Holding Direct Mail Envelopes

As technology evolves and makes things a lot easier for more people… it also makes things a lot more confusing and complicated. A prime example of this is online advertising. Online advertising has opened the floodgates and given virtually anyone the opportunity to run advertising campaigns online sending people to web pages and sales pages. Anyone can be a digital marketer today… however, very few are actually any good at it. With online advertising you can target specific people with laser accuracy… or so they say. The problem is that it can be so confusing and complicated when trying to

If You Believe This Myth… You Need To STOP Right Now!

If You Believe This Myth… You Need To STOP Right Now!

“If things don’t improve, we shall close down production here in the UK and move production to China where they can do the work cheaper and produce more.” That was the threat given to the staff of a UK company by ‘the big boss’ who had traveled personally from headquarters in ‘deepest’ darkest Europe. The UK company had been bought out many years previous and was one of many companies owned by the larger company based in Europe. I was told that they had already moved quite a lot of production over to China and closed down companies that were

How I Banked $4,516.68 With A Simple Dime Sale

Recently, I banked an impressive $4,516.68 setting up a quick dime sale offer for a new product I had created. Well, I say new product, it was a newish product created from content that I had previously created together with a quick 40-minute video Kate and I recorded in our living room, sat in front of an iPhone. We clicked ‘record’ having just finished a launch promotion for an entirely different project. I gave the product a new name, added some bonus content, created a short sales video (again just using my iPhone), and threw together a really short, sales

The Best Kept Secrets Of A Profitable Launch!

I am pretty sure that you have heard of Jeff Walker and his infamous ability to generate hundreds of thousands from product launches. I’m pretty sure he is credited with making a million dollars overnight doing a new product launch. It is all pretty impressive and I won’t take anything away from Jeff as he really knows his stuff, but let me share with you a few truths and secrets about these HUGE profit launches. Firstly… a lot of the money made from a launch goes to affiliates in commissions. A million dollars may have been made in sales… but

Which Style Of Product Launch Is Right For You?

Over the last couple of weeks, we have received a higher-than-average number of questions from customers and subscribers asking us what it really takes to release or ‘launch’ a new information product online. When it comes to launching new products, there are two schools of thought. Both methods are fine. There is no right or wrong way to launch a product necessarily, each method suits different products, programs, and services, and sometimes they simply suit different needs and times for the product owners. One method can pull in a lot of money in a short period of time, but can

Amplify Your Passive Income Success With These 4 Simple Rules

Amplify Your Passive Income Success With These 4 Simple Rules

JK Rowling may have landed on her feet when her first Harry Book was received well, but she is the exception to the rule. That first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone has sold over 120 million copies since its release in 1997 and is the third best-selling book of all time. I do like to use JK Rowling as an example of a successful. She was a single mother on benefits writing her first book during the times when her baby was taking naps. Much of the book was written in café’s in and around Edinburgh, in Scotland.

The Perfect Example Of Why You NEED To Heed My Warnings

Creating A Passive Income Streams Is The Answer...

I am not one of those people who wants to say ‘I told you so’, so I won’t say it… but I will share a story that will say it for me. This is a comparative story between two different people, but it focuses mostly on one of them and the reason for that will come clear shortly. I know of a person who, I shall not name and shame him, specializes in building websites and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). For those of you that don’t know, SEO is the process of putting your website on the front page of

Action… Without it… Nothing Changes

I don’t know what your thoughts are when it comes to the Law Of Attraction which was made popular in the book and documentary The Secret… … but I am willing to bet that if you were to spend the next three months holed up in your spare bedroom looking at vision boards, sitting in quiet contemplation ‘visualizing’ the life you want to live, a life filled with abundant riches to enjoy and all the toys you could play with… nothing would change for you. Sadly, that is what far too many people do. They fantasize about some incredibly wonderful

What Is Your Definition Of Success?

What's Your Definition Of Success?

What does the word success actually mean? A quick search online gave this explanation: “Success is the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goals. The attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like. A performance or achievement that is marked by success, as by the attainment of honors: The play was an instant success.” Basically putting it, success is the achievement of a goal and the favorable outcome of a person’s attempts and endeavours. That can be anything. I talk a lot about making a lot of money through building an online business publishing

The Great Reflection

The Great Reflection

Virtually all of the people that I know who are not wealthy allow their bank accounts to dictate what they do. On the surface, it makes sense. You can only do what you can afford to do. Right? Just for one minute, imagine that credit cards and loans do not exist… If you wanted to buy a car and did not have the money, you would struggle. In a world without credit, you cannot go out and buy a car if you do not have the money. That is how a lot of people see money. Again, on the surface,

How I Generated $5,104.09 Selling A Product Born From A Blog Post Article

That’s right… I recently made $5,104.09 selling a product which was born from an article I started to write. Before I share the details of what the product is and how I made it so profitable, know this… this product is now online and can be sold for many years to come. In a few months’ time, I could run another email campaign sending people to the product generating more money. I wouldn’t be surprised if I will have made over $10,000 by the end of the year selling that one product. Ok, so let me explain what the product

Why You NEED A Second Income NOW!

After seeing how a lot of people are currently struggling with living costs – around A THIRD of American households failed to make their housing payments last month (and that number is comparative in the UK too) – I thought it was time that I talked more about creating that all-important… or should I say ‘vital’ second income. I am a big believer that employed people should find a second way to generate at least the same amount of money they are earning as a wage. So for example, if you are earning $2,000 a month through your job, you

Why Perfection Is The Enemy Of Success.

Nobody Is Perfect

We are taught to always try and do ‘our best’ in whatever it is that we are doing, whether it is sports, exams, work, writing, painting, and relationships. I even remember that was part of my Boy Scouts promise when I was 8 years old! This is fine; we should always try and do the best that we can at whatever we are doing. The problem is when you are focused on being perfect. Far too many people become obsessed with delivering perfection in whatever they are doing… and that can be fatal to success. It is fine if you

The Outsourcing Secret That 99% Of People Don’t Know!

I don’t want to offend your intelligence and tell you exactly what outsourcing is, I know you know what it is, but there is a secret to outsourcing that you may not know about. This secret is one of those secrets that are hiding in plain sight. It’s there, right in front of your eyes. When I share it with you, you’ll kick yourself. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if you already know it… but wasn’t aware of it. If you do know it and are aware of it but do not do anything with that knowledge, it may

The Failure To Understand Failure Is The Worst Failure Of All!

I know… that is one heck of a title isn’t it? But it is true. The failure to understand failure is the worst failure of all… and here’s why. Failure happens. It happens to all of us, and it happens to the best of us. In fact, the reason some people are considered as ‘the best of us’ is because they failed more than most people… and they didn’t give up. They understood failure and what it meant to fail. To fail meant that you have just learned how not to do something. If it helps… think of it like

Money Loves Speed

Nick James Money Loves Speed

It is true, money loves speed. The biggest problem is that most people sit and wait for the money to come to them… but they actually delay its arrival by not actively giving it the boost it needs. To make money come to you faster, you need to spend money. This is the bit that people struggle with the most. But it is true… without spending money you prevent the money you want and deserve from coming towards you at speed. For example, imagine that it started to rain money. Seeing the coins and paper falling from the sky from

The Truth About Earning Six-Figures A Year Publishing Digital Products

The Truth

You’ve seen all of the blog posts, social media posts, YouTube videos, TikTok videos, eBooks and adverts saying that you can earn six-figures or more selling digital products… Well, the truth is…   You can. It is true… you can make six-figures selling digital products online. Unfortunately, a lot of people still struggle to get their heads around it and fail to understand that it is actually a lot easier than most people realise. For some people, it seems too good to be true. They struggle to believe that it is possible… at least, not for those who are ordinary