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Oprah - Everyone Gets A Newsletter!
Becoming Oprah… Why You Need To Publish A Newsletter

In a previous article, I mentioned that successful and wealthy people are successful and wealthy because of the amount of value they give to other people’s lives. Take Google for example… Google (under the umbrella name of Alphabet Inc) is an internet and software service business that is worth a colossal $1.30 trillion. I cannot […]

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Email War
The Great Inbox War: Battle For Email Supremacy

I love email marketing, it has made me many millions over the recent years, so what I am about to say may come as a bit of a surprise to you. Email marketing is wonderful… but when someone unsubscribes from your email list or requests to stop receiving emails from you… you have no way […]

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Nick James Holding Direct Mail Envelopes
Five Reasons To Use This Old School Marketing Method.

As technology evolves and makes things a lot easier for more people… it also makes things a lot more confusing and complicated. A prime example of this is online advertising. Online advertising has opened the floodgates and given virtually anyone the opportunity to run advertising campaigns online sending people to web pages and sales pages. […]

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If You Believe This Myth… You Need To STOP Right Now!
If You Believe This Myth… You Need To STOP Right Now!

“If things don’t improve, we shall close down production here in the UK and move production to China where they can do the work cheaper and produce more.” That was the threat given to the staff of a UK company by ‘the big boss’ who had traveled personally from headquarters in ‘deepest’ darkest Europe. The […]

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How I Banked $4,516.68 With A Simple Dime Sale

Recently, I banked an impressive $4,516.68 setting up a quick dime sale offer for a new product I had created. Well, I say new product, it was a newish product created from content that I had previously created together with a quick 40-minute video Kate and I recorded in our living room, sat in front […]

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The Best Kept Secrets Of A Profitable Launch!

I am pretty sure that you have heard of Jeff Walker and his infamous ability to generate hundreds of thousands from product launches. I’m pretty sure he is credited with making a million dollars overnight doing a new product launch. It is all pretty impressive and I won’t take anything away from Jeff as he […]

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Which Style Of Product Launch Is Right For You?

Over the last couple of weeks, we have received a higher-than-average number of questions from customers and subscribers asking us what it really takes to release or ‘launch’ a new information product online. When it comes to launching new products, there are two schools of thought. Both methods are fine. There is no right or […]