Pride Comes Before A Fall

Don't Be 'this guy' ... There's always Pride Before a Fall...

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing someone who has enjoyed success and is on the brink of enjoying more, suddenly, without warning, throw the towel in because they were having a bit of an off-day.

Off-days happen to the best of us.

I get it… you wake up one morning and things look a little bleaker than they did yesterday.

A couple of days ago you made $1,000 in sales and you were ecstatic…

But yesterday you managed only to make a couple hundred bucks and felt deflated…

Today, you woke up wondering if it’s all worth it and whether the $1,000 day was just a fluke.

Sadly, that is the up-and-down rollercoaster ride we call business.

It happens to everyone at some time in their business life.

Sometimes it happens a lot.

It can happen on a weekly basis for some people.

You make $5,000 over a weekend from one single email… and then for the rest of the week you are lucky if you bank a hundred bucks each day after sending multiple emails.

It happens.

One week you create an incredible product that flies off the shelf…

The following week you create a product that bombs badly.

One week you write a sales letter that converts like a Dan Kennedy sales letter…

The following week you write a sales letter that reads like it was written by Forrest Gump using a crayon.

I mean… it happens.

You just have to take it on the chin.

What is even more frustrating is when someone, knowing that you are an expert in a specific field, asks for your help and assistance but then rejects it insisting that you are wrong and then, through wounded pride or dented ego, gives up.

As incredibly ridiculous as it sounds… it does happen.

This was something I read about just last week.

An email arrived from one of the industry’s most respected copywriters, someone I respect and admire a lot, and in that email he shared an experience he had with a client of his.

He was asked to critique a sales letter and, well… it seems that his critique was not to his students liking.

I mean, seriously? …

Help and advice is not about blowing smoke up your you-know-what and giving false praise.

You can’t ask for an opinion and then insist that the opinion given is the one you want to hear!

That doesn’t help anyone.

It’s certainly not something that I would do… it wouldn’t help you, and it most certainly wouldn’t help me.

If you have paid for that help, then surely you should listen to that person?

Am I right?

Especially if that person has already helped you succeed in making tens of thousands of dollars previously.

And the fact that they themselves have banked many millions of dollars of their own doing the exact thing they were asked to help with.

Does that not prove to you that they are probably right?

They were right the first time when they helped you make tens of thousands of dollars

So it’s safe to assume that they will be right again… yes?

As the story goes… this chap didn’t like the advice that was given… and threw the towel in… after he had thrown his toys out of the pram.

Would it not be madness to quit when you have already enjoyed the delicious sweet taste of success and are about to enjoy it again?

Why would you do that?




I cannot really say, but if you were to quit because you didn’t like the help and guidance you were getting, although it had previously helped you bag tens of thousands of dollars, there is something going on deep inside that needs exorcising, surely?

This is where the saying pride comes before a fall comes from.

This person, for some unknown reason, allowed his pride and ego to overshadow and outweigh the expert advice he received, which then led to his downfall… him deciding to throw the towel in.

There might have been other problems in his life that was fuelling his frustration at the time… but that in itself is another vital lesson of success…

…you shouldn’t allow external pressures and problems to throw you off track, especially when you have already enjoyed success and know that it is just a few minor tweaks away from happening again.

Had he taken the time to listen and take onboard the criticism that was levied on his work – and not him personally, an important distinction – he could have made the necessary improvements and tweaks and be enjoying another successful selling product.

Sadly, he didn’t.

He decided to call it a day and go home to lick his ‘imaginary’ wounds.

I take no joy in sharing this story as it pains me that people have a ‘temporary’ moment of madness and quit.

Success is not something that only comes to certain people; success comes to those who do the work.

It comes to people who consistently do what needs to be done each and every day without fail.

Success visits those who do not quit.

I have similar stories to share, although not as extreme as the one I have shared in this article.

I have people who question everything I tell them to do, and the resources and materials that I give them.

They question their validity and then do nothing with them… and yet, I am the one with the business that has banked over $19 million doing what I tell them… and they question what I say!

I get that they may be scared.

Doing something completely new where you are out of your depths is daunting and often very frightening, but at least listen to what I say… I am the one talking from experience here.

I am talking from a place of authority gained through experience.

This is not just theory metered out in a school classroom by a teacher who learned all they know from a textbook and the lecture room.

You cannot argue with real world experience.

Sadly, that is what happens with people who allow their egos and pride to get in the way… and as we all know…

Pride Comes Before A Fall

Whatever you do… heed my advice and do not allow your pride, ego, frustrations, or an off-day to cloud your judgment and quit… you just don’t know how close success is, but if you do quit… you’ll never find out!