The Great Inbox War: Battle For Email Supremacy

Email War

I love email marketing, it has made me many millions over the recent years, so what I am about to say may come as a bit of a surprise to you.

Email marketing is wonderful… but when someone unsubscribes from your email list or requests to stop receiving emails from you… you have no way of following up and asking for feedback.

The laws (and guidance) regarding email are constantly changing and becoming stricter which means that when someone requests to stop receiving specific information from you, they have to be completely removed from your database meaning that should they want to buy from you in the future, they will struggle!

One of the reasons people unsubscribe from email is to try and clear out their inboxes.

People sign up for so much stuff today, much of it not intentional; their inboxes are full of emails from anyone and everyone.

You cannot buy a box of screws from a local hardware store these days without them wanting your email address to send a copy of the receipt along with a stack of marketing materials.

Popping to buy a sweater from a store can result in the checkout worker asking for your email address while they add you to their customer database whether you want to be on it or not.

The battle for inbox supremacy is being fought every day by thousands of companies. Your inbox is currently ablaze with emails being fired at it by anyone and everyone.

There’s no wonder you delete close to 90% of the emails you receive. No one has the time to read through them all.

As a person who makes money using email, the battle to get your emails to stand out against the constant NOISE of all of the other emails screaming ‘READ ME’ is getting harder to win.

Sadly, it’s only going to get worse.

The two big internet giants, Google and Yahoo, are both going to make it harder for your emails to land in people’s inboxes.

If your emails do not comply with a new set of rules they are about to roll out, they will not get through their system meaning that they won’t even be delivered to the recipient.

How bad is that?

You have spent a lot of your time and money getting people to join your email list, and you are paying to use expensive email marketing services like Aweber, GetResponse, and Keap only to be told that Yahoo and Google won’t let your emails through if you don’t comply with their new rules.

Obviously, you want to ensure that you are always compliant with the rules, but the problem is, they change them all the time and it’s so hard to keep up to date with them.

A good friend of mine lost his Google AdWords account because Google changed their rules meaning that the adverts he was running at that time – adverts that Google had already approved, I may add – were now breaching their new rules and without warning, his account was closed down and he was banned from running adverts.

He had done nothing wrong!

Google changed the rules, then deemed that he was breaking them and shut him down!

I have several friends who call Google ‘The Evil Empire’ due to the fact that they made their billions off the back of paying advertisers only to ban them all later once, they had banked enough cash and were in a position to dictate more.

Don’t get me wrong, rules need to change with a changing world, but companies should at least give people fair warning and allow changes to be made, especially when the changes required have been forced upon their clients by Google itself.

Still, there are other ways to get your messages across to people which in my honest opinion… is far better.

There is a fantastic way to get your emails into the hands of the right people… and you do not need to jump through Google’s or Yahoo’s hoops to have them delivered.

Plus, they are more likely to get read compared to normal email.

You just need a good old-fashioned mailman… or woman.

That’s right, as hard as it is to believe in this technological era of superfast AI and robotics, the best way to get your email into the hands of your potential customers… is to print it onto paper and send it through what’s typically now called ‘snail mail’.

Firstly, there is very little competition to battle with. There is no inbox full of emails desperately screaming ‘READ ME’.

Secondly, when a ‘printed’ email lands in a mailbox with the recipient’s full name and address printed onto an envelope, there is a stronger psychological urge to open it.

With no competition and a strong psychological urge for people to open your printed email, you have a far greater chance of it being read… resulting in a greater chance of making sales too.

Yes, it may take a little longer to get your printed email into the hands of your potential customers, but with no competition and a greater chance of getting it read, there is less need to rush.

Plus… sending your marketing message through the physical mail can deliver faster results than trying to send people to a website through the use of JV partners and affiliates.

It can take several weeks, sometimes months to build up a relationship with potential online  JV partners and affiliates to the point they are willing to send out emails promoting your products to their lists.

Let’s not forget those new rules from Yahoo and Google, a lot of the emails sent by potential partners and affiliates may NOT land in recipient’s inboxes anyway.

By sending marketing messages directly to people through renting anmes from a mailing list and sending an ‘honest letter’ through the good old mail service, you can start seeing results within one and two weeks.

Great results, I may add!

Plus there are no filters powered by sophisticated artificial intelligence that is looking out for specific ‘words’ and ‘phrases’ that will kick your email into the ‘sin bin’ as soon as it hits their network.

The post office is not so aggressive in their approach.

When you pay to use their service, they do their damndest to ensure that your mail is delivered fast and securely.

As a person who has made many millions using both email and traditional mailing methods, let me tell you this:

The old method of sending marketing messages through the mail is the future of marketing. Discover more here:

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