Five Reasons To Use This Old School Marketing Method.

Nick James Holding Direct Mail Envelopes

As technology evolves and makes things a lot easier for more people… it also makes things a lot more confusing and complicated.

A prime example of this is online advertising.

Online advertising has opened the floodgates and given virtually anyone the opportunity to run advertising campaigns online sending people to web pages and sales pages.

Anyone can be a digital marketer today… however, very few are actually any good at it.

With online advertising you can target specific people with laser accuracy… or so they say.

The problem is that it can be so confusing and complicated when trying to set up online advertising campaigns. It sounds great in theory, but boy oh boy… does it make your head hurt… and hurt your wallet!

Online advertising can save you a lot of money if your adverts are shown to the right people, but get it wrong, and it can cost you small fortune.

The internet is awash with the stories of people who have lost their shirts trying to master advertising on Google and Facebook.

The problem with online advertising networks is that there are too many working parts.

Sometimes the easiest – and most effective – way to advertise your products is to use the old tried and tested methods such as sending your information through the SNAIL MAIL.

Here are five reasons as to why sending a mailing to potential customers is better than running online advertising.

  1. You can rent a well-researched segregated mailing list of potential customers from a company who have already processed all of the relevant data for you.

  2. You only have to put your advert into an envelope and add a name and a stamp to it before handing it over to the postal service to manage. (The envelope stuffing and name printing can also be taken care of by a specialist company.)

  3. When the mailing lands in the mail box, people ‘handle’ it meaning that they physically touch it and see it and will be more compelled to actually open the envelope and be exposed to your advert.

  4. People online have become so accustomed to seeing adverts online – on average, people see roughly 10,000 adverts online each day – they have become ‘blind’ to them and usually pay no attention whatsoever to adverts online.

  5. Online adverts very often get ‘clicked’ by people as revenge for them appearing in front of themas a way to cost you money unnecessarily. If a comment can be left on adverts  like those on Facebook and Instagram, some people will comment saying that they are ‘scams’ or ‘spam’ as a way to discredit you. Also, some people may report your ads in an attempt to get your advertising accounts banned.

Some people have had their businesses and reputations ruined by people commenting on their adverts or getting their advertising accounts closed.

Running online adverts can be powerful if you get it right… but it can be a real minefield and incredibly stressful, especially to the uninitiated.

Sometimes it pays to keep it simple and go old school.

And with simple old school, I am referring to Direct Mail.

I love using Direct Mail, it does everything it says… it is mail that goes directly to the person you believe is interested in your product.

There is no need to spend a small fortune having your advert shown across the whole of the website to people who are simply not looking for what you have to sell.

Take the easy route and have your advert land directly into the hands of the people who are potentially interested in what you have to sell.

Why show every man, woman and their dogs your advert for golf training when you can send it directly to interested golfers?

It makes no sense trying to show adverts to people that are not strongly interested in what you have to sell, and that can happen a lot when you advertise online.

The other point to consider is that when someone holds in their hands a real envelope that is addressed to them, they see it, they take notice, curiosity and intrigue takes over, and nine times out of ten they are compelled to open it.

Your product sales letter gets seen.

Ask yourself this…

How many people receive letters through the mail these days?

What used to be a near daily occurrence, people now go days, even weeks without receiving anything in an envelope other than a bill.

Compare that to email.

How many emails do you receive each and every day?

In a recent study, it was found that the average office worker received 121 emails a day!

I’m not sure what the figure is for the average everyday Joe, but I am sure they receive more emails than real mail.

I can see that I have received six emails in the last hour. I think I deleted about thirty in this last hour!

People receive so many emails each day, they become nothing more than noise to them.

They all become the same. Even well-written email titles get drowned out by the deluge of emails that land in the inbox.

When a real envelope with a person’s name on it lands on the doormat (or in their physical mailbox ), they take notice of it.

That envelope becomes an isolated moment in their day.

It becomes something out of the ordinary.

‘An envelope? Addressed to me?’ they think. ‘I wonder who this could be from.’

They feel compelled to open it… and they do… and they see information about your latest product… laid out in their hands!

And … consider this… all it took was stuffing your advert into an envelope, printing a name on it, sticking on a stamp, and then putting it in the mail to be delivered.

A simple and powerful process, don’t you agree?

Something that you perhaps should consider doing?

Then be sure to check out the following live training, because if you are ‘serious’ about wanting to make the most out of this proven ‘old skool’ marketing method you really should consider joining us in person on the 18th & 19th January 2024.

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