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Grow Your Income
Why You NEED A Second Income NOW!

After seeing how a lot of people are currently struggling with living costs – around A THIRD of American households failed to make their housing payments last month (and that number is comparative in the UK too) – I thought it was time that I talked more about creating that all-important… or should I say […]

Growing Your Business
Nobody Is Perfect
Why Perfection Is The Enemy Of Success.

We are taught to always try and do ‘our best’ in whatever it is that we are doing, whether it is sports, exams, work, writing, painting, and relationships. I even remember that was part of my Boy Scouts promise when I was 8 years old! This is fine; we should always try and do the […]

Work Less Hours
The Outsourcing Secret That 99% Of People Don’t Know!

I don’t want to offend your intelligence and tell you exactly what outsourcing is, I know you know what it is, but there is a secret to outsourcing that you may not know about. This secret is one of those secrets that are hiding in plain sight. It’s there, right in front of your eyes. […]

Grow Your Income
Nick James Money Loves Speed
Money Loves Speed

It is true, money loves speed. The biggest problem is that most people sit and wait for the money to come to them… but they actually delay its arrival by not actively giving it the boost it needs. To make money come to you faster, you need to spend money. This is the bit that […]

Grow Your Income
Nick James Scuba Diving
How To Profit Multiple Times From The One Niche/Market

You may or may not know this about me, but I love to go scuba diving. Over the years I have spent a small fortune learning specific types of diving, about different dive gear and getting the relevant certificates required to go diving. I absolutely love it. Scuba diving is a perfect example of how […]