The Best Kept Secrets Of A Profitable Launch!

I am pretty sure that you have heard of Jeff Walker and his infamous ability to generate hundreds of thousands from product launches.

I’m pretty sure he is credited with making a million dollars overnight doing a new product launch.

It is all pretty impressive and I won’t take anything away from Jeff as he really knows his stuff, but let me share with you a few truths and secrets about these HUGE profit launches.

Firstly… a lot of the money made from a launch goes to affiliates in commissions. A million dollars may have been made in sales… but the product owner usually gets a lot less than half of the money made.

Still, I know that you would be happy to have 25% of a million dollars made during a launch.

I most certainly would.

It is still an incredible amount of money to make in a short period of time.

Secondly… very few people actually make a lot of money during a launch. Like I said, a lot of the money is paid out to affiliates in commissions and the actual product owner can be left with a small amount. An excellent example of that would be a recent successful launch of ours.

This launch was super successful, and I shall explain why shortly, but that launch only landed me a profit of just $2,500 once it had finished.

That is nothing compared to the amount of work we put into setting the launch up, and it is nothing compared to the amount we paid out in affiliate commissions.


Like I say, this was a successful launch.

You see, this was a launch for a continuity program with monthly recurring income and so on top of the $2,500 earned at the end of the launch, I calculate that I will be making an extra $10,575 (and that is after the 50% paid out to affiliates) for the next 6-12 months.

That is 100% profit too!

Also, know this… the launch was for a FREE trial of a product and so banking $2,500 in profit after the launch for a FREE trial is very good indeed.

There will be a slow attrition over the year, but let’s assume for now that those who took up the monthly subscription offer once the trial ends, stay subscribed for six months… I shall earn a very decent $63,450.

As I say, there will be people who cancel their subscriptions at different times during the year, I doubt I will have the same amount of paying subscribers at the end of the year… but in the rare event that they did all stay subscribed… I would be set to make around $126,900 over the course of the year… from that one product.

The third secret to successful launches is that the profit I made from offering a FREE trial came from numerous upsells that people taking the FREE trial opportunity were exposed to as they signed up.

I didn’t just offer a FREE trial, I offered a few other products as part of the launch and some people bought those products which helped to pay for the affiliate prizes I gave away as incentives to get people to promote my product.

The fourth secret to a successful launch is that I will make a lot more money from the sales of products that will be promoted within the continuity program that people are subscribed to.

Twice a month, members will get a new training module and each of those training modules will promote one or more of my other products which will result in a lot of sales and extra profit.

What’s even better for me is that 100% of the profit from those sales is mine. I don’t need to pay any affiliate commissions for those sales.

It’s incredibly impressive when you hear that so-and-so made $100,000 in 24 hours during a new product launch… but a product launch where no profit was made on day one can just be as impressive and life-changing… When created and carried out with some additional thought.

It is possible to do a new product launch and earn absolutely nothing in profit for the first week… and it still be an incredibly successful and profitable launch.

Whereas one person makes $100,000 in a weekend launching a high-priced product… I make $100,000 or more over the year promoting a far cheaper product.

As the saying goes… there’s two ways to skin a cat… and there are multiple ways to make six-figures-a-year too…

To be successful in this business you need to constantly think of the BACKEND.

Backend… backend… BACKEND!

The front end is the funnel opening; it is the tool that gets people into your system. A new product launch is a way of flooding that funnel opening with potential new customers.

The front end can be:

  • A free report.
  • A free eBook.
  • A free video.
  • A free trial.
  • A cheap report.
  • A cheap eBook.
  • A cheap video.
  • A cheap trial.

It can be something that you give away for free, or something you sell for a low price as a way to:

  1. Qualify leads and find worthy customers.
  2. Pay marketing costs of getting people to the sales funnel.

A new product launch doesn’t have to generate a lot of money in a short period of time, it is often best if it generates a lot of money over a longer period of time.

Why is that?

So you don’t go and spend it all right away 😊

No seriously… it’s good to receive a large sum of money each month. It is freeing and sets you up for a good month where you can focus on delivering quality content and developing new products to sell.

In my mind, it’s much nicer to see a large amount of money going into your bank account each month than to see a large lump sum in your bank account being eroded over the year.

But it’s horses for courses I guess… Which would you choose?

Let me know.