Action… Without it… Nothing Changes

I don’t know what your thoughts are when it comes to the Law Of Attraction which was made popular in the book and documentary The Secret

… but I am willing to bet that if you were to spend the next three months holed up in your spare bedroom looking at vision boards, sitting in quiet contemplation ‘visualizing’ the life you want to live, a life filled with abundant riches to enjoy and all the toys you could play with… nothing would change for you.

Sadly, that is what far too many people do.

They fantasize about some incredibly wonderful dream life hoping that it would suddenly appear… or manifest, I believe they call it.

I am not going to go on an anti-law of attraction rant, but I will say this… without ACTION the word attraction is just ATTR, which is meaningless and powerless.

The real Secret to life, which the LOA gurus have been keeping from you, is ACTION.

I’m sorry if I am repeating myself here and banging on about the same old same old… but this is important.

The only thing that is going to change your life is ACTION.

Whether that be cutting out sugary foods to prevent or reverse diabetes, spending an hour a day exercising to improve your overall fitness and health, or spending an hour or two each day working on a project that is going to make you more money.

The results you desire can only come about from direct and applied action.

No amount of sitting around ‘visualizing’ pretty images in your head and filling scrapbooks with pictures cut out of magazines and papers of the things you want will give you what you want.

Yes, doing those things may keep the mind focused on the things you want and will keep you motivated, but they should be done when you have some spare downtime… but if that is all you do… you will achieve nothing.

I’m sorry to say it… but that is the painful truth.

Making more money is not something that happens when you apply wishy-washy thinking.

Wealth is not the direct result of wishing, it is the result of direct and applied action.

It’s a science, but not far-out metaphysical science… it is the simple science known as cause and effect.

It is the science of doing the right specific things to create the right specific result.

You don’t throw eggs, flour, and sugar into a bowl then pop it in the oven and expect a casserole… you’ll be disappointed because you will always and only get a cake.

If you put meat, vegetables, and stock and stick it in the oven for an hour, you’d be foolish to expect a cake to come out.

You can only get back, what you put in.

The results you want in your life can only happen if you use the right ingredients.

If you want a passive income selling digital products, then you have to spend your time, money, and efforts on creating digital products, getting them online, and driving people to them.

It’s a simple three-step process.

  1. Create an information product.
  2. Publish it online with a ‘Buy Now’ button attached to a payment processor.
  3. Send people to that product.

Sitting around thinking about it won’t make it happen, that I can assure you.

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Reading that book is going to give you a greater chance of becoming successful.

I’m not saying that the Law Of Attraction doesn’t work, I can’t say for certain, but what I can say, is that action is more powerful and it is the only way you can receive the things you desire.

Why do I say that?

Well, there are a lot of people who purely focus on the Law Of Attraction trying to attract and manifest wealth and success… but fail miserably…

And then there are a lot of people who think it is all a load of baloney and focus only on ‘doing something specific’ and not giving the Law Of Attraction a second thought… and they enjoy massive success.

How can that be?

I’ll tell you how…


It’s the things you do that counts.

It’s what you do or don’t do that leads to success or failure.

I can tell you now, if you want to build an online passive income, focusing on… and following these three rules will deliver more than visualizing and making vision boards ever can.

  1. Create an information product.
  2. Publish it online with a ‘Buy Now’ button attached to a payment processor.
  3. Send people to that product.

And the great news is you can get help with all three of the above.

You can quickly discover how to create a digital product fast.

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If you like the sound of that, then make sure you grab your free copy of Six Figures A Year In Information Publishing now and start out on your Digital Publishing adventure today. And who knows, this time next year you may be looking back and smiling… Thanking me for encouraging you to TAKE SOME ACTION and making your first step towards a ‘real’ Six Figure A Year Internet Income.