If You Believe This Myth… You Need To STOP Right Now!

“If things don’t improve, we shall close down production here in the UK and move production to China where they can do the work cheaper and produce more.”

That was the threat given to the staff of a UK company by ‘the big boss’ who had traveled personally from headquarters in ‘deepest’ darkest Europe.

The UK company had been bought out many years previous and was one of many companies owned by the larger company based in Europe.

I was told that they had already moved quite a lot of production over to China and closed down companies that were performing under par. Most of those were from the UK.

It wasn’t just down to the skills or work ethic of the British workforce, a lot of it was down to the issues brought on by ‘Brexit’ such as closed borders and being out of the single market.

The threat was a serious one that could result in a lot of good people losing their jobs and their income.

I was told this by John, someone I got chatting to a few weeks ago.

You know how it goes, a chance meeting with a brief greeting leads to ‘So Nick, what do you do?’ etc, and before you know it, you are knee-deep in conversation.

I told him that I was a publisher of information and explained what kind of products I published.

It turns out; that John was busy putting together his own information product which he was hoping to have online by the start of the new year.

He has always wanted to have a passive income and work online from home, but with a wife and family to support and a large mortgage to pay, he has stayed working for the company he has been with for over ten years.

But that might all be coming to an end… and it wasn’t by his choice.

John has been busy over the years making money doing several side hustles such as running websites, selling T-shirts online, flipping products on eBay, and publishing cheap eBooks.

His side hustles have made him a decent amount of money over the years.

Whenever he had a big expense approaching and needed the money, he went to work to earn it. He has paid off holidays and even his wedding with the money he has earned from his after-work efforts.

This latest product is his biggest and best so far which he intends to sell for $297.

It is an information product that is accessed via a members-only website that contains, videos, PDFs, spreadsheets and printables.

I’m telling you this because I believe John’s story is an important one.

Through no fault of his own, he could soon be visiting the dole office and signing on for unemployment benefit, or whatever it is called today. I think it is called Universal Credit, but I am not sure… it has been a very long time since I had to worry about that kind of thing.

The reason I haven’t had to think about it in such a long time is because I took control of my income and freed myself from having to be dependent on an employer paying me a wage.

Instead of having to work for someone else and being paid for my time, I set myself up in business selling information to people who needed it.

This is what John is doing now.

He is creating a product, potentially a flagship product which could have several bolt-on and spin-off products, which have the potential to freeing him from the need to be an employee.

From what he told me I believe that he has a decent product and a good future ahead of him. The product is in a very popular niche, one that I have never been involved in, but I know several publishers who have made a lot of money from that niche.

What excites me is that John is working hard to create the product that could one day replace his wage and his employer… and he is doing it while working a day job… while he still has it.

He is being proactive and working hard to have something in place should the worst happen.

This is something that I recommend most people who have jobs should do. You have no idea what can happen and you most certainly cannot rely on your employer to look after you.

John was fortunate that the big boss traveled from his office in deepest darkest European to talk to the staff and tell them what needed to be done.

Others have not been so fortunate.

There have been awful stories of people who have turned up for work to find a sign hanging off the gates informing them that the company was closed and that they were now unemployed… or even worse, turned up to work a day’s shift only to be told at the end of the day to not come in the following day.

The people at the top, and several lower down, know that there are issues in the business and they work hard to try and resolve them, but they don’t tell the workforce until it is too late.

They leave it to the last minute to give the staff the bad news meaning that they have no time to prepare or look for a new job.

And that could happen to you.

The idea of job security and being employed by the same company for many years is a myth.

It might have been true way back in the 1950s and 1960s, but for our generation, it died a long time ago.

Job security is no longer a ‘thing’ for people today.

You only have to look at Meta (Facebook) and Twitter.

Today I heard that Meta were having to make 10,000 people redundant and I’m sure you have heard about Elon Musk who let loose with his redundancy rifle and fired around 3,700 staff earlier in the year.

I say again… it could happen to you.

I pray that it doesn’t… but I also hope that you are preparing for this possible eventuality with something that can soften the blow should it happen.

Only a fool doesn’t future proof their income…and I know that you are no fool. Am I right?

I have nearly generated $20 million in sales over the years selling information products.

Today I focus heavily on digital products that can be bought 24 hours, 7 days a week by people from all over the world… on autopilot.

My business pays me a passive income which means that I am completely free from the fear of losing a job and losing a wage.

I have peace of mind and income security.

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