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Information Publishing
Information Publishing
11.75 Places to Find Endless Ideas for Hot Selling Courses

Have you ever had trouble coming up with great ideas for profitable, hot selling online courses?
A good course can sell for as little as $10, and as much as thousands of dollars depending on several factors.
Generally, courses sell for $100 to $500.

It’s Never Been Easier to Write A Book – Here’s How

Not long ago, you had to pound a book out on a typewriter. Good luck making changes, moving text around, deleting sections, changing a word or sentence – it was difficult and messy. Research had to be done in a library or by interviewing people. Because there was no internet, you didn’t have the world’s […]

Information Publishing
Information Publishing
$8,500 a Month Answering Emails

Have you got two hours a day to answer emails?
One gal I know is making approximately $8,500 a month working two hours a day.
But there is one catch: To do this, you’ve got to have your own course. It can be a course on anything, from dating to finance to fitness to make money online.

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