12 Reasons Why You Need To Start Your Own Info-publishing Business

Allow me to introduce you to 12 customers of mine who have all created a six-figure-a-year information publishing business of their own.

The reason I want to share their stories is that each of them has had to overcome a series of adversities or challenges and yet they have all become incredibly successful in their own rights thanks in part to what they have learned from me.

I am itching to share their full names with you but all in due course. I’ve shared their full stories in a new book that I’ve just launched on Amazon.

More about that shortly…

I want you to understand that these are ordinary everyday people like you who have battled against the odds to become six-figure earners.

They are no different to you or me; they have not been born with any special powers nor do they possess any abilities that you don’t already have.

Each one of them has changed their lives for the better by sharing the information that they had locked up in their heads.

Their life experiences have allowed them to build businesses that earn them a (mostly) passive income each month.

Take entrepreneur 1; he enjoys a life in the sun living in Spain. A million miles from his previous career as a locksmith in cold wet Britain. 

And what is it exactly that is now paying him a passive income each month?

That’s right, his knowledge of locksmithing.

Entrepreneur 1 is living in paradise funded by locksmithing yet he hasn’t worked as a locksmith for several years now.

The only time he touches a lock is when he is showing people how to change them.

I bet very few people imagined that you could build a six-figure-a-year business sharing information about locksmithing… well this person did just that!

Entrepreneur 2 has a successful information publishing business teaching people how to homeschool their children and others on how to be a successful writer.

His business is generating $100,000+ a year and what he is teaching is nothing more than his own life experience as a writer who homeschooled his children.

That’s two people who are enjoying six-figure-a-year businesses that deliver a (mostly) passive income based solely on what they know and their life experiences.

Entrepreneur 3 has built her six-figure-a-year business despite having to care for her sick son and then struggling with the bereavement after her son sadly passed.

Her business paid her an entirely passive income during that period of immense sadness and emotional heartache.

This person made a lot of money by simply listening to what people were saying to her. She took their suggestions and needs, and created the products they wanted; including software she coded herself… which is incredible considering she knew nothing about software coding.

Entrepreneur 4 pulled himself out of a dark period of alcoholism after his marriage fell apart to build himself his own six-figure business.

Having an addictive personality, entrepreneur 4 can soon find himself living with negative habits exhibiting obsessive behaviors, yet he is now enjoying a six-figure-a-year business after implementing steps he learned from me.

Entrepreneur 5 had to deal with the most unimaginable acts of cruelty as a child. In and out of care homes, neglected, let down and betrayed by the adults in his life, he has gone from being a victim to the hero of his own six-figure story.

He is now a master affiliate marketer who has beaten crippling social anxiety and is now able to stand in front of crowds sharing his story and teaches people to build their own six-figure online businesses.

Entrepreneur 6, well here’s a man who has entrepreneurial blood coursing through his veins. At 17 he was running the biggest nightclub in the area but was forced to quit after being threatened with guns and knives by dealers and gangsters.

In his twenties he sold a business for a seven-figure sum. Today he runs several businesses including an information publishing and consulting business. But like the rest of us, he too has had his fair share or emotional issues and family problems.

Fortunately, his businesses were able to pay for experimental treatment when it was needed and gave him a decent living wage when he needed to take time off to focus on his family.

Entrepreneur 7 is a prolific content creator who has turned free corporate training he received while working for other companies into a six-figure publishing business.

He loves to learn and try new things and this has allowed him to create numerous products which now pay him a (mostly) passive income each month.

This person likes to spend as much of his time with his grandchildren as possible. His information publishing business pays him to stay at home with his family.

Entrepreneur 8 teaches people how to take the knowledge they have in their heads and turn it into profitable products and courses.

He likes to keep things simple by using a 3 step process that works every time. It is an uncomplicated process that constantly generates six-figures each year and allows him to travel the world enjoying new experiences.

The beautiful thing about his information publishing business is that he can take it with him and manage it wherever in the world he finds himself and still generate six-figures. Being away from home doesn’t mean that the money has to stop coming in.

Entrepreneur 9 has had more jobs and career changes than you can shake a stick at. From acting to designing and manufacturing ladies footwear, gambling and horse racing expert to digital information publisher, this person now makes six-figures thanks to a combination of providing software solutions to horse racing lovers and consulting.

He is enjoying a six-figure year lifestyle even after hitting burnout which nearly put him in hospital as a gibbering wreck.

The income generated from his information publishing business gives him the opportunity to take time out when he needs it without the fear of ‘not getting paid’ like an employee would. The money comes in whether or not he works.

A suggestion I made during a mentoring session resulted in him earning an additional $20,000 per month. That business was eventually sold for a decent sum of money.

Entrepreneur 10 deviated from the career path her parents had set for her. Her father was so unhappy that he didn’t speak to her for the first six months of her time at university.

But, that deviation was the right move for her as it was the start of a journey that led her to create digital assets and programs teaching people how to become coaches and authors.

She grew her six-figure a year business by creating positive cash flow paying affiliate marketers to promote her products. Unlike many offline businesses where they get paid AFTER they have done the work, information publishing businesses are paid before the customer receives the product.

Money in the bank at time of sale is always better than trying to ‘chase up’ unpaid invoices, especially when those sales total several thousand dollars each.

Entrepreneur 11 started his adventures in the online information publishing world when he was only 21. Balancing his day job with growing his online business meant that he was working 18-hour days sometimes.

Knowing that he couldn’t carry on doing such long days, he had to find a way to focus on his business as well as earn that ‘security’ wage that was needed at the beginning.

Fortunately, not long after deciding that he needed to get serious with his own business, he was offered a part-time job of running an eCommerce store for his uncle which allowed him to leave his full-time work giving him the time and freedom to focus more on his own business.

It was the best decision of his life.

Leaving the day job to work on his uncle’s business part-time, allowed him to grow his business into a nice six-figure earner.

He is earning far more money now than he would have he stayed in full-time employment, and what’s even better is that he has more free time to spend with his family.

Entrepreneur 12 has created several income streams around the industry he knows inside out; radio.

Instead of simply working for one radio station, he creates products that he can sell to many. With 15,000 radio stations looking for specific shows and content for their DJs, he realized that he could capitalize on giving them what they wanted.

This person also publishes eBooks teaching people how to get started making money online.

Thanks to a suggestion from me, he made an extra $75,000 by reading his own $17 eBook into a microphone and selling it as an audio version.

People are still buying copies of his eBooks from his websites generating him a passive income. Once a digital product is created and published, it can make sales for many years.

There is so much more that I could tell you about these 12 wonderful and fascinating people but it would be too much for an article, it would be better placed in a book… and I’m happy to say that it is what I have done.

I reveal all 12 of my successful customers – I now count them as good close friends – and I share the whole story of their successes in my latest book called ‘Secrets Of Six Figure Earners‘.

The book has just been launched on Amazon and I’m happy to say that 100% of the profits are going to the wonderful ‘Make A Wish International’ foundation which makes the wishes of sick and ill children come true.

Get your copy of the book today and not only will you learn how these 12 people became successful six-figure earners and be inspired to start your own information publishing business, but you will also be helping a wonderful and worthy cause.

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