6 Ways To Fund Your Freedom Using The Written Word

Nick James, Writing This New Article For The Website Sat Outside Enjoying Some Fresh Air
Sat Outside Enjoying Some Fresh Air While Writing This New Article For The Website

Looking for an easy way to make extra money?

One which allows you to work from home at a time that suits you?

One which you can pack up and take away with you in a small bag?

One where you can work while listening to music and enjoying a big mug of steaming hot coffee or a cold beer?

If all of the above appeals to you, maybe you should consider using the written word and becoming a work-from-home writer.

Before you start panicking insisting that you cannot write to save your life, rest assured, your life is not in danger here, you are only writing for money… and you don’t need to be a brilliant writer to earn money.

Writing is a freedom business.

It allows you to work from home, or wherever you are in the world, and you can work at whatever time of the day suits you best.

It can also pay really well… depending on what you write about and the style of writing you do.

To make money as a writer, your content needs to be easy to read and understandable.

That’s basically it.

Also, please know this; the more you write, the better you become.

So if you are not very good currently, you will improve. That is a given.

It is impossible to do something over and over again and not get better at it. You certainly cannot get any worse.

There are many ways to earn money as a writer and I am going to introduce you to a few of them now.

1 Blogging

Blogging is a great way of making money when a blog is popular. Many bloggers earn thousands of dollars each month from their writing. They earn money via various advertising networks that automatically displays relevant ads when people read their content.

The greater amount of people who visit the blog and read your content, the greater amount of adverts are shown, which means you as the blog owner earns more money.

But for a blog to become popular with thousands of daily visitors, you may need to spend a lot of time or money on SEO (search engine optimisation), building a following on social media to share your content with, and work on other traffic generation methods.

Blogging is a lot of work and not one which you should consider if you just want to earn a few extra dollars writing a few articles without much stress.

2 Publish to Popular Platforms and get Paid

To make money writing articles you could look at publishing content on popular platforms such as Medium.com where you get paid when your content is read by their subscribers.

These are popular blogs that are already established and they share the money they make from subscription fees with the registered users who write and publish the articles on their site.

You need to join their Partner Program to earn money from people reading your content.

When an article goes viral, your earnings can go crazy for a month or two. Some writers make several thousand dollars each month publishing content to Medium.com.

The downside is that if you don’t publish regularly or the popularity of your articles reduces, your income levels drop. This means that your monthly earnings can fluctuate a lot.

3 Write For Clients

Another way to make money is to write articles and content for paying clients.

The usual route for many is via marketplace websites such as Fiverr.com and Upwork.com.

Fiverr is probably best avoided if you want to earn more than a few dollars as this is a place where people generally go looking for cheap solutions and to pay the least amount of money that they can get away with.

Upwork is a good place to start but be aware that people are also trawling the marketplace looking for the cheapest possible prices.

With so many people around the world trying to make money writing content for clients, there are a lot of people who are willing to sell their services cheaply and seriously undercutting other established freelancer writers.

It can be a race to the bottom on both Fiverr and Upwork if you are not careful.

Also, you are writing what clients request and if they are not happy with the final result, you could find yourself spending a lot of time revising articles and possibly not getting paid, which would be a real waste of your time.

4 Sell Pre-written Articles

If you would rather write about what you know and love, you could always write articles to sell on Constant-Content.

Constant-Content is a fantastic marketplace where website and business owners go looking for new and unique content. Similar to Upwork, writers can be hired to do client work, but the biggest difference is that you can upload pre-written content to sell.

You chose your price and then wait for someone to buy what you have written. This is really cool if you prefer to write about a certain topic or two without being told what to write about specifically.

You are left with the freedom to write the way you want to write… within Constant-Contents quite strict boundaries.

Obviously, this can have its limits too because the people who are looking for content for their websites, emails, and newsletters will be looking for specific content and if what you write doesn’t align with their needs, they won’t buy from you.

Your writing has to appeal to people so it pays to write in a popular sought-after niche.

This is called ‘writing to market’.

You are more likely to make sales and earn money if you write about the topics people want to buy.

To really make money as a writer, focus on learning a style of writing which delivers results.

If you can write content that persuades people to take action such as join an email list, clicking through to a sales page, buy a product, or share an article, you can and will earn more money.

5 Copywriting

Copywriting is a style of writing which basically gets people to do something.

The top copywriters, those who write long-form sales letters used in direct response marketing or as several-page adverts in magazines and newspapers, can earn multiple thousands for one piece of work.

Some copywriters at the top of their game have been reported to have earned millions from writing just one sales letter. Sometimes those pieces take only a few days to write.

To earn that kind of money per sales letter you have to be:

  1. Good at what you do.
  2. Have experience with a proven track record of getting results.
  3. Write for clients who have a large customer base and can afford to pay high fees for your service.

To earn several thousand dollars writing a single piece of sales copy, it must convert like gangbusters.

If the client has a high-priced product along with a large customer base, the money generated from your sales letter should always far exceed what you charge.

Basically, a company that makes $100,000 selling a product using the sales copy you wrote, would not have a problem paying you $10,000 to write that converting copy.

In fact, they should be happy to pay you $10,000 for a sales letter that earns in excess of $100,000.

Even after paying out $10,000, they would still be $90,000 in profit. That isn’t including any other expenses of course.

Now you see why experienced copywriters are paid tens of thousands of dollars for one piece of work.

It’s all about the numbers.

Those who have made millions of dollars from writing sales copy for companies, their copy generated several million in sales. But be warned, tou won’t get paid the ‘big money’ unless you copy really converts well.

Some copywriters are paid a fee upfront and then an additional percentage of all ongoing sales.

There are other ways to make money as a writer but they very often fall into one of the above categories.

These different categories can also be overlapped.

For example; there are people who get paid to write emails and create email newsletters. Some people can earn thousands of dollars writing emails for their clients.

Writing emails falls under ‘copywriting’ and ‘writing for clients’ but at the same time, it is a category and service of its own.

As you have discovered, there is a lot of money to be made as a writer, it isn’t particularly hard to do and it gives you the freedom to work your own hours and from wherever in the world you want to reside.

The written word is powerful; it can earn you a lot of money especially if you decide to write for yourself instead of clients. Let me explain with this final method for making money with your writing.

6. Create Your Own Products

As a writer, you have the skills to make a lot of money by writing and publishing your own products.

I’m not talking about writing fiction stories and publishing them to Amazon Kindle, although that has made a lot of money for a lot of people over the years, I am talking about writing and publishing how-to or information style products which help people to learn how to accomplish something or enjoy a better life.

Information publishing is incredibly profitable; it is how I (and many others) make millions of dollars each and every year.

Publishing information as eBooks, Manuals and Membership sites can be incredibly profitable because your product solves a problem for a lot of people.

People are willing to pay to be given/shown/told what the solution is to the problem they are struggling with, suffering from or wanting to learn more about.

Take the dieting and weight loss industry as a prime example, people want to lose weight and so they pay to be shown and told how. The diet and weight loss industry is worth billions of dollars.

Another hugely profitable industry is showing people how to market their business or make more money.

If you knew how to make an extra $1,000 each week writing simple emails and you could show other people how to do the same, there will a large number of people who would be willing to pay you several hundred and possibly several thousand dollars to learn what you do.

I know this to be true as this is what I (and many others) actually do. We create and sell information to those who want to learn.

Another benefit of the information publishing industry is that you do the work once and get paid for many months and years still to come.

For example, when you write and publish an eBook, it can be published to a platform like Amazon and/or published on your own website where it can be purchased on autopilot at any time of the day or night 7-days a week, 365 days a year.

You do not need to do anything as part of the selling process of a digital eBook once it is live on your website.

As soon as someone purchases your eBook, they are automatically sent the eBook in an email or redirected to a “thank you” page where they can immediately download it to their laptop/phone/ipad.

It is all done for you.

For me, publishing information products provides, by far, the highest returns on my time investment.

I can publish an information product and it will make sales for many years meaning that I can get paid thousandstens of thousands… and even hundreds of thousands per product.

That amount is far greater than the type of financial return I could ever possibly make by writing for clients one article at a time. There’s no right or wrong way to make money from writing. Just do whaver suits you best.

Finally, If you like the sound of having your own information publishing business where you can get paid thousands of dollars from the sales of eBooks, Manuals, Membership sites, and other similar types of information products (on autopilot) at any time of the day or night … But, you don’t want to actually have to spend the time writing and creating the products yourself … There is another way.

You can also purchase licenses (White Label / Private Label Rights) to other people’s information products. These types of licenses permit you to sell these products from your own website under the terms of the license and still get to keep 100% of the profits.

When you invest in a license, whenever a sale is made, you keep all of the money from the sale of the licensed product, despite never actually having created the product yourself.

Imagine having ten eBooks, instruction manuals, or video how-to guides on your website and making just one sale of each of those products per day. What could that do to your finances?

Let’s say that you make a reasonable $10 profit per sale.

That would make you $100 per day, $700 per week, $36,400 per year… all on autopilot.

That is passive income.

Now imagine if the profit was $20 or $50 each time. Can you begin to see just how profitable this kind of business can be?

If that sounds like the ideal business to you, click the link below to read more about Licensing and how you can even get your first three licensed products for free:

Product Licensing Formula