How An 8 Year Old Girl Taught Greg To Grow A Six – Seven Figure Business

Greg Cesar is an information publisher who is dominating many niches on Amazon right now earning him hundreds of thousands of dollars each year… and it is all thanks to an 8 year old girl.

He was inspired to use Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) after hearing how an e year old girl was ‘kicking his butt’ and making more money online than he was.

Greg agreed to do a podcast interview with us and you can hear that incredible interview here:

>> Internet Marketing Podcast – The Greg Cesar Interview <<

Taking some of the main points from that interview are:

  1. Get Started.
  2. Learn from those who are already doing it… no matter what their age.
  3. Don’t worry about perfection.
  4. Start small.

Getting Started

The biggest take from that one interview with Greg was to simply GET STARTED.

Without making a start, you will not make anything. It’s as simple as that.

Greg, as do I, suggests that you should be brave and get started right now and test an idea.

Testing ideas doesn’t need to be costly… not with information publishing.

Thanks to Amazon FBA the barriers to market have been completely removed. In the interview Greg said, ‘the only thing that is holding you back right now, is your laziness’.

That sounds a little harsh; I’d say fear is a big factor too. People fear losing money and they fear failing but with the ability to test products for as little as $100 the fear is reduced and made more manageable.

The risks are small, but the rewards can be HUGE.

You have more to gain than what you will lose.

Start Small

In the interview, Greg talks about how he spends as little as $100 testing a product that has the potential to make back hundreds of thousands of dollars.

He realized that selling information products meant that he could test markets fast and cheaply.

Had he decided to sell items such as blenders, he would need to spend thousands of dollars importing thousands of blenders from China which he deemed far too risky.

What if no one wanted those blenders? He would have lost thousands of dollars.

But with information products, he could have a few of them printed off or put onto DVD quickly and cheaply.

I imagine that even if a test is unsuccessful, over time he will make that money back so in truth he is hardly risking much.

Once that first $100 is earned back, it is used to print off more products which are then sent to Amazon Fulfilment.

The fact that he sells information products means that he can replenish his stock quickly and cheaply.

Learn From Those Who Are Already Doing It.

Again, this is another perfect point I completely agree with.

If you listen to the podcast you will learn how Greg listened to how an 8-year-old girl who was making money online using Amazon FBA and a 16-year-old who had been making money running adverts in newspapers.

Where a lot of people would reject the idea of listening to a child, Greg decided to listen to them, a decision which paid off and helped him to grow his income by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It doesn’t matter how old that person is or who they are, if they are making a lot of money, they are doing something right.

And so it makes sense to learn from that person.

If you want the same results that they are having then you need to hear what they have to say and follow their advice. You’d be foolish not to.

Don’t Worry About Perfection

Greg admitted that he hardly checks the products that he pays people to create for him. The reasons for this are:

  1. He gets good people to do the work and in his experience, the people who do a good job, rarely do a bad one. So in his mind, there is no need to check their work.
  • Customers are more focused on learning a solution to their problems. They are not concerned with a few errors as long as they get a solution. When Greg records an audio or a video for a product to sell, he doesn’t remove the ‘ums’, ‘ers’ or pauses because people are not bothered about them. Recording a simple audio file on your phone that has a lot of ‘ums’ and ‘ers’ won’t result in complaints or refunds.
  • Get the product on the market fast and test it. If any errors in the products are causing sales issues, they can always be corrected later.

Please note: that doesn’t mean that you can simply publish any badly written or recorded content, as Greg says, if you find a decent person to do your work, it will be good and any errors will be minimal, but if any of those errors are causing issues, they can be corrected later.

Greg’s interview is a good one. It is immensely inspiring and I recommend that you go take a listen here:

Remember, this is a podcast which means that you can listen to it at a time that suits you. When out for a walk or run, having an hour on the sofa, driving the car, or on the bus to town. It doesn’t matter when you listen, just make sure you do as you will gleam a lot of gold from it.

>> Internet Marketing Podcast – The Greg Cesar Interview <<