Make Money Today – With These Free To Start Online Opportunities

In previous articles and emails, I have talked extensively about the need to make more money to help ease the burden of the current cost-of-living crisis.

A lot of the methods to make money that I talk about take some time to get started.

They can and will make you a lot of money when they are up and running correctly, but there may be a waiting time between starting and making a decent amount of money.

When you need to make money fast, there are ways to make money that do not require you to learn a lot of skills or wait a long time before getting paid.

I am going to list a few of them now as a way to help you to make money starting right now.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where a product owner pays you a commission whenever you send someone their way and that someone then purchases a product.

When promoting affiliate products online, you are given a unique affiliate link that tracks any sales that are generated after people click through and visit an offer via your affiliate link.

If someone clicks your unique affiliate tracking link and buys the product, you earn a commission.


Affiliate commissions are usually between 50% and 75%.

Sometimes you can earn 100% commissions but that is often on the cheaper products which are being sold specifically to build a new email list of buyers.

Some affiliate products which pay 50% and 75% commissions have a price tag of $2,000 or more meaning that with one sale you could earn more than what most people earn in a week or two working a 40 hour job.

How Quickly Do You Get Paid?

Affiliate Marketing falls into two categories, you can promote products where you don’t get paid for a month or two, and you can also promote products where you get paid the same day when any sales are made.

It all depends on what product you are promoting and which affiliate network the vendor of the product is using and what their terms are are.

I have promoted affiliate products where I received my affiliate commission minutes after the sales was made and I’ve also promoted products where I had to wait 30 days.

ClickBank pays out every 2 weeks… and JVZoo pays daily but you need to have earned a minimum of $50.

There is a whole range of different products on ClickBank and JVZoo that you can promote. In either case, you will need to open up an affiliate account to get started.

With affiliate marketing, you will need to get your links out in front of people and the quickest way to do that is to record short videos and ‘Reels’ each day and share them on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

You want to ignite a fire of desire in people and get them to either visit a specific website page to learn more – the sales page through your link – or to message you for more details so that you can start a conversation and forward them on to the affiliate product.

There are other ways to sell affiliate products such as writing articles for a website and building up an email list to which you can promote those products to, but that is more of a long-term and permanent strategy… and the best one to really focus on if you want to build an online business.

It will require you to build (have built) a website and build an email list. That can take time and effort which is not ideal if you want money quickly.

I have to mention email as a way to make money though because it is so incredibly powerful and profitable. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t.

You may not see any returns the day you start, maybe not in the first week, but if you stick with email marketing as a way to sell affiliate products… it will PAY OFF BIG TIME in the end… I know!

To discover more, go to:

Writing For Text Broker & Constant Content

Constant Content and Textbroker are marketplace websites where writers meet with website owners who are looking for content.

It is possible to set up an account with both of these websites in a day or two and start earning money.

Constant Content

I know someone who has experience with Constant Content; he passed their high writing standard requirements, published a couple of ‘off the peg’ pieces of work which sold… and then for some unknown reason he had his account closed down.

So please be warned that Constant Content is incredibly fussy with its content requirements. Their editorial team are all universal graduates and journalists so they know how to write ‘correctly’… which means that they don’t actually know how to write engaging content that people want to read.

If you can write content that is devoid of personality and just focuses on ‘facts’ then you can make good money on Constant Content. My friend made between $45 and $55 per article which took no longer than half an hour to write.

And that was after Constant Content had taken out their ridiculously huge 35% fee. They also add a $4.95 review fee to the article price to cover the time their editorial staff take to check your work.

Putting aside their draconian way of looking at content and their high fees, it is a good site to earn money writing articles because you can write an article and publish it to the platform setting your own price and wait to see if anyone wants to buy it.

You can also provide ‘request work’ from clients who post jobs stating what content they need.

There are writers who are earning tens of thousands of dollars a year using Constant Content.


This is new to me; I was researching this just the other day. It appears to be less stuffy and draconian than Constant Content, I don’t think you will have your account closed down if you fail to publish content to their high standards and the reason for that is…

They have different skill tiers.

When you open up your account, you will submit a test piece and they assess your skill and the quality of the article and they then put you into a specific category.

The top-tier writers earn more money per word than those in the lower tiers. 

So instead of simply choosing the best in the market and running their business with an iron fist, it seems that Textbroker gives customers with different budgets the option to choose writers of different skill levels.

Obviously, the better you are, the more you can earn, but you are able to progress. The more writing you do, the better you will become and you will be able to go up into a higher paying tier.

From what I can see, the biggest difference between Constant Content and Textbroker is that Textbroker doesn’t allow you to upload pre-written articles. You work on orders which are submitted to the Textbroker marketplace by clients… but I could be wrong.

There is quite a difference between the three tiers. In the screenshot below you can see how much a writer can earn for a 1,000 word article depending on which skill rating they have.

Textbroker may not pay as well as Constant Content, but let’s get real for a minute, it doesn’t take long to write a 1,000 word article and you can do it from the comfort of your own home while listening to some relaxing music enjoying a big mug of your favorite brew.

If you write at the Five Star level, $55 for half an hour to an hour’s work is not bad is it?

Even at the lowly Three Star level, $11 isn’t to be sniffed at.

Let’s say that you want to make an extra $500 per month.

Writing just one article an evening for five evenings a week at the Five Star level would pay you $225 a week. Do that for each week of the month and you will be earning a nice $900 per month.

Once your account is approved, you can look at the orders submitted, choose one, write an article, and as long as the client is happy with your work… you get paid!

You could be making money within a day or two.

When having a minimum of $10 in your account, you can request a transfer into your PayPal account.

Contractor – Middle Person Service – Broker

 This one is quite a simple business to get into.  Now, when I say it’s simple to get into, I mean that you don’t need a lot of skills or knowledge, just the confidence to put yourself between two sets of people and charge a hefty commission for the privilege.

How fast you can earn from this depends on you and how you go about it.

You see, for this to work, you need to find a specific set of people who are looking for a specific item or service, you find that specific item or service and you put the two together and charge a fee when a transaction is made.

There are different ways of doing this; I shall cover two that I have seen recently.

  1. You set yourself up in a specific niche and look for work. When a potential customer contacts you, you take all the information and details you need regarding the work that needs doing, you then contact a person or company who can do the work asking for a price and when you have it, you go back to the potential customer giving them a price which has your commission on top. The commission is paid by the customer.
  2. You contact a company and ask if you can represent them and send work and customers to their way for an agreed ‘finders fee’. It is pretty similar to the above method apart from you get paid a fee out of their original price instead of lumping it on top of the price. The fee comes out of the company’s pockets.

Something to consider, unless the company adds your agreed ‘finders fee’ to their price, adding your fee on top of theirs can really baulk it out to the point that it can put customers off.

It may be best if they pay you a percentage of an existing price as long as they are making a decent profit out of it.

The concern is that if you slap on an extra $1,000 on top of an already high price, you may be too expensive and lose the sale.

That’s the dilemma.

Howeveranother factor to consider is who you approach.

Wealthier people are willing to pay more for a specific service.

Please don’t confuse that with ‘paying over the odds’ though.

Wealthy people are money savvy and don’t necessarily want to waste money, but they are willing to pay a little more for a quality job and decent service.

With that in mind, you could quite easily add a nice lump sum onto the work involved.

The Contractor Method

Take Eric Martin as an example, Eric left his 9 to 5 job when he started to make $2,500 finding work for a local concreting company.

Eric began advertising concreting services on Facebook Marketplace and when any potential customers contacted him, he would go to their homes with a note pad and a tape measure, measure up the area that was to be concreted, take photos and note down any information required and then he would pass that all on to the concreting company.

When the concreting company got back to him with a price for the work, he would add his $2,500 commission to that price and contact the customer. If they agreed to the price, he would arrange a start date with the customer and the company.

His work generally took no more than 30 minutes.

He was making $2,500 for doing no more than 30 minutes work!

One job was earning him more than what he was being paid to work 160 hours a month.

The Bird Dog Method

Bryan Tate is a Bird Dog.

Yep, I didn’t know what one was either until I read about Bryan and how he made money.

A Bird Dog – sounds like a song from a 1960s skiffle band – is a person who goes out scouting properties for busy property investors.

It costs nothing to get started, and like Eric in the previous method, a Bird Dog only needs a notepad and a phone. To be fair, they could get away with just using a smartphone for this.

A Bird Dog – a phrase I never expected to use in an article – takes notes and addresses of properties that look dilapidated and rundown that are usually not for sale, and then contact property investors, developers, and real estate agents.

They pass on the address and details of the property and whenever a property is purchased, Bird Dogs like Bryan get paid a finder’s fee.

Finder’s fees are generally pre-arranged so if you were to contact a property investor and ask them if they are interested in any of the properties that you have, you and the investor agree on a finder’s fee which is paid once a purchase is complete.

A finder’s fee can be anywhere between $500 and $4,000.

If you find big properties for bigger property investors, the type who turn old schools and hospitals into apartments or hotels, you could agree a lot higher finder’s fee per property.

Please note; you only get paid a finder’s fee when any properties you forward onto an investor, developer or real estate agent are purchased. You don’t get paid for addresses and details alone.

No sale = no finder’s fee.

This is a middle-person service that you can start today. It’s ideal for anyone who often travels around the area or the country.

To get started, go online, find a list of property investors, developers, and real estate agents that you believe may be interested in acquiring property (or land) for development or resale, and give them a call.

Tell them that you either have a list of properties they may be interested in, or ask them if they would be interested in you being their eyes on the ground looking for properties.

Ask them what kind of properties they are looking for so that you can be more efficient in your search.

You place yourself between a property and a property investor.

Okay, so you are not technically in between the property owner and the investor, you are more like a scout and researcher, but you do get paid well for what can be as little as 30 minutes work.

Huge construction companies often employ people to do this type of work for them.

I remember many, many moons ago, talking to a guy who worked for Henry Boot PLC here in the UK; his job was to search for land that had no recorded owners or deeds so that they could purchase the land cheaply… or legally acquire (steal) it for the price of a bit of paperwork.

I can’t remember the exact details of what he did, but I do know he was paid to search for development land.

I imagine that a company like that wouldn’t say no to some ‘outside’ help that pointed them towards land or property which would make them hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in profit.

I’m sure they wouldn’t object to paying a few thousand to whoever helped them bank a bundle, do you?

Your local smaller property developer may happily pay you if you help them grow their portfolio and bank balance.

So there you have it, in this article I have shown you 3 different types of businesses that you can start today to make money:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Writing For Text Broker & Constant Content
  3. Contractor – Middle Person Service – Broker

Highlighting at least 6 variations of work that you can start today:

  1. Video affiliate marketing.
  2. Email marketing.
  3. Writing articles to sell on Constant Content.
  4. Writing for clients via Textbroker and Constant Content.
  5. Being a contractor/middle person service charging a finder’s fee/commission to find customers for companies.
  6. Being a researcher/middle person service charging a finder’s fee/commission to find property for property investors, developers and real estate agents.

It’s over to you now.

Do any of the above appeal to you?

Are you going to give any a go?

If so, please let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear your success stories, and who knows, I might even share your success as a case story in a future article or email.