Money Loves Speed

Nick James Money Loves Speed

It is true, money loves speed.

The biggest problem is that most people sit and wait for the money to come to them… but they actually delay its arrival by not actively giving it the boost it needs.

To make money come to you faster, you need to spend money.

This is the bit that people struggle with the most.

But it is true… without spending money you prevent the money you want and deserve from coming towards you at speed.

For example, imagine that it started to rain money.

Seeing the coins and paper falling from the sky from your window, you rush out to grab as much as you can.

You quickly fill all of your pockets with as much cash as possible. When you are weighed down, you turn to run back to your house to dump the money.

As you run, your pants are falling down due to the weight of the money. It is slowing you down from reaching your home where you plan to empty all of your pockets so that you can go back out and grab more cash.

Pulling your pants up and staggering to your house, you trundle past a man who happened to have several large wheel barrows and shovels.

Wheel Barraow Of Cash

“Wheel barrow and shovel for you guv’nor? $100 to you.”

You look at him with a startled look and say “no thank you, can’t you see I’m busy?”.

With that, the man wanders off to talk to Joe, your neighbor, who has also come out to grab as much falling cash as he can. Joe buys two wheel barrows from the guy along with a shovel and heads off into the middle of the street.

Eventually, you empty all of your pockets and head back out into the street to find that the skies were clearing and the rain was slowing down. The cash was no longer falling.

You look to see Joe busily shoveling money up off the floor and tipping it into the wheel barrows which was already catching a lot of the cash as it fell to earth.

You look at the huge deep pile of money in the two wheel barrows. Piled so high, coins and notes sliding out over the sides of the barrows.

The piles of cash were so high and deep you can only guess how many thousands of dollars Joe has just collected.

The couple hundred dollars you managed to pull from your pockets looks nothing compared to your neighbor’s haul.

The $200 dollars that he spent on the two wheel barrows and the shovel paid for itself… many times over.

The two wheel barrows and the shovel enabled Joe to collect more cash quickly and easily and he was able to ‘wheel’ to his house with ease.

Hindsight hits in, ‘why didn’t I use the money I first pocketed to buy those tools? I‘d have a lot more money now!’

The realization that you have just missed out on a lot of money because you chose to not spend any hits hard.

The truth is… that is what happens with a lot of people who start a business, whether it is an online or offline business.

People get scared.

They become protective of what they have.

They know that they need money and they know that without it life can be extremely hard, so they double down and protect what they have.

But they fail to realise that by doubling down, they are in fact preventing money from speeding towards them.

Money Loves Speed!

That is all you need to remember.

Obviously, you don’t want to go about recklessly throwing cash at anything and everything.

You do need to spend wisely.

Yes, you must take risks, but they need to be calculated and informed risks.

Not every dollar you spend is going to be a winner. You will lose money every now and then. That is a given. It is the nature of any business.

A baker makes 400 loaves of bread and only sells 350 leaving 50 going to waste. The ingredients used for those 50 wasted loaves cost money.

The following day he makes 350 only to find that 415 customers come in looking for bread.

Business can often be a guessing game. You can’t always predict the right outcome.

The toy shop owner spends $500 on buying up the latest ‘must have’ toy only to find that by the time they arrive, children have moved on to something else ‘exciting’ and she’ll be lucky if she is able to sell them all and make her money back.

Gamblers who make a lot of money with football or horseracing often place bets that lose; it is the long game that makes them the money.

It’s no different for those running online businesses; they too may have moments where they have spent money on advertising or traffic generation which doesn’t come off.

A perfect example of that would be a mailing I tested before Christmas 2022. I spent $10,000 on sending test mailings out to three different lists I had rented which unfortunately wasn’t as ‘responsive’ as I was led to believe. (I broke one of my own rules about only testing one thing at a time so it was entirely my fault.)

The mailing test bombed and the sales I made from that mailing did not cover the costs of the mailing and I doubt they ever will.

I lost around $8,000 on that one mailing… but all was not lost, I made it back on something else I did two weeks later. Over the years I have made nearly $20 million selling information products.

So as you can see, not everything works out as planned, but overall even taking into account the small losses… I win big in the long run… and that is because I am willing to spend money.

The same will be true for you too. Be sure you’re keeping an eye on ‘the bigger picture’.

Had I never spent money on coaching or any mailings, running any adverts, or buying resale licenses to products, I would not have made anywhere near as much money as I have.

I have made nearly $20 million because I was willing to spend money. By spending money, I allowed a lot more money to come flying towards me at speed.

That is what is meant when we say:

Money Loves Speed!

If you want to be successful and make a lot of money, do not be afraid of spending and investing money.

In the example where Joe was catching money in wheel barrows and shoveling up with the shovel, investing in tools and services which allow you to get the job done faster or better is a positive step in allowing the money to come flying to you.

You cannot sell loaves of bread if you don’t buy yeast, flour, water, and fuel for the ovens. Without spending money, money cannot come back to you in larger and growing amounts.