The Truth About Earning Six-Figures A Year Publishing Digital Products

The Truth

You’ve seen all of the blog posts, social media posts, YouTube videos, TikTok videos, eBooks and adverts saying that you can earn six-figures or more selling digital products…

Well, the truth is…  

You can.

It is true… you can make six-figures selling digital products online.

Unfortunately, a lot of people still struggle to get their heads around it and fail to understand that it is actually a lot easier than most people realise.

For some people, it seems too good to be true.

They struggle to believe that it is possible… at least, not for those who are ordinary people without a big pile of cash they can invest.

Again, the truth is that anyone can get started publishing and selling digital products… and if they follow the right advice, they can generate six-figures or more per year.

I’ve done it many times over, and I personally know a lot of other people who have also done it.

The digital economy has leveled the playing field. It has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for ordinary everyday people like you and I.

I was fortunate to have started just when the digital economy was also starting, but let me reassure you… now is just as good a time to start as any.

The digital economy is not saturated; there is more than enough room for millions more to make money publishing and selling digital products.

The new digital economy has lowered the cost-of-entry to markets that can turn ordinary people into six and seven-figure earners.

Creating and selling digital products such as eBooks and study courses can cost a fraction of what it used to cost to create physical ones.

Today, you can write an eBook within a week, maybe a couple of days and have it selling online via your own website for as little as $150.

That $150 is the hosting cost of a website for two years. That comes to around 20 cents per day.

If you use a website like Gumroad, you can have your products online and sell it with virtually zero costs. You only pay when you make a sale. However, I highly recommend that you have your own website for reasons that will become apparent.

The eBook itself can cost you nothing to make.

Thirty years ago, if you wanted to sell books to people, it would have cost you thousands of dollars having books printed and distributed to shops or sent through the post.

Back then you did need a big pile of cash to get started.

Today, it is a completely different story.

Not only can it cost as little as $150 to have a product online for two years that people can buy at any time of the day and night, but you can also generate thousands, tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars… and there doesn’t need to be any other costs.

A digital product is delivered directly an automatically.

You don’t need to buy envelopes, and you don’t need to take a sack of packed envelopes to the post office for shipping.

It’s all done for you automatically.

So not only can you create digital products for free and put them online to sell at a cost of pennies… you can sell them to anyone and everyone who has access to the internet.

Before the internet was invented, most businesses sold products and items to the people in its local vicinity.

A few massive or well-known companies would sell products and items nationwide or even worldwide, but on the whole, most local businesses only sold local.

With digital products, that ruling doesn’t apply.

Anyone who can access your website or products can buy a product.

It doesn’t matter if they are in Kathmandu, Sydney, Buenos Aires, or Cleethorpes. If they can access your website and they like the look of your eBook, they can buy it.

This means that you now have a pool of billions of potential customers.

Obviously, you are more likely to sell to people who speak your language and who are more likely to move in your ‘online’ circles, people in Kathmandu might be able to access your website, but that doesn’t mean that they know about it or will learn about it unless they are actively looking for the kind of products you are selling.

The fact that anyone and everyone can potentially access your website means that you have a greater opportunity to sell more copies of your eBooks than a real book shop that sells real books to the people of a small town.

The fact that eBooks are digital means that you can sell thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of copies (maybe more), without having to restock or have more made.

eBooks replicate when they are bought and that costs you nothing.

So to do a quick recap, as a person publishing and selling digital products:

You can have an online shop for two years for as little as $150 which is $0.20 a day!

You can create and publish your eBooks to your website for free.

You can sell to people all over the world giving you a pool of billions of potential customers.

You can sell thousands upon thousands of copies of your products and it won’t cost you a penny extra in things such as shipping. (Website hosting fees may increase if you do start selling thousands of copies of your products a day though.)

You can sell your products at higher prices if you focus on selling information products.

The fact that you can sell digital products at higher prices to potentially billions of people at any time of the day and night at basically no cost to you means that you can earn six-figures a yearif you set everything up correctly that is… and I am here to help you with that.

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