The Write Way To Build A Six Figure Freedom Business

As a person who writes and publishes information online, it pays to keep up to date with things that are going on in the industry.

To keep up to date I read a lot of articles, read eBooks & reports, watch plenty of videos and keep in touch with people that I know within the industry and complementary industries.

The other week I was talking to one such person, Drew, who is a freelance writer.

He was telling me that he was in the process of moving abroad and that he was currently living with his in-laws while he and his wife prepared for the move.

After selling their house, they moved in with the in-laws where he was able to carry on working due to the fact that they had broadband and WIFI.

The property Drew and his wife are moving to in Portugal already has internet installed and so he should be able to start working as soon as he arrives.

Well, I say he can start working as soon as he arrives, he is taking a week off to settle in but arranging for the internet to be installed is one less thing for him to worry about.

He also told me that while living with his in-laws, they too moved house but because they were buying a newly built house, there was no internet.

And because of that, Drew had to go and work at his parents for a week.

I know what you are thinking, it sounds a bit of a nightmare!

But in reality, it’s not.

Yes, he has moved home twice in eight months and is set to move for a third time, (this time overseas)… it has been a bit of a pain in that respect.

But I’m sharing Drew’s story to highlight that when you work online, whether as an information publisher such as myself or as a freelance writer like Drew, you can easily carry on working and earning money wherever you go to as long as there is a decent internet connection.

A Digital Nomad Is Constantly Earning

Yes, it hasn’t been easy for Drew and his wife to move twice and live and work at their parent’s place, you can’t beat having your own home.

But the fact that they can simply roll up, turn their laptops on and start working and earn money is an incredibly freeing way to live.

This is the new world we live in.

Obviously, we still need people to do real-world jobs such as building, manufacturing, cooking food, serving food and drinks, driving taxis & public transport, cleaning, and millions of other roles…

But alongside that is a new digital world where those who wish NOT to do any of those real-world jobs and would rather travel the world to see new places, meet new people, AND still earn money, can.

The opportunity to make money traveling across the planet, moving from country to country while earning money is no longer an unrealistic dream for the masses… it is a reality.

Viva La Digital Industrial Revolution!

Earning money while traveling the world was once the reserve of the upper-class wealthy business owners who had large workforces back home doing the dirty work for them.

Today, that is no longer the case.

The real industrial revolution is happening today, and it is a digital industrial revolution.

Anyone and everyone has the opportunity to earn money from any of the four corners of the world. Making money is no longer location-dependent, nor do you need to work for anyone else.

Whenever Drew needs to earn money, he can open up his laptop and do one of several things:

  • He can reach out to people offering his services and ask if they need any writing done.
  • He can go to marketplace websites like and and bid on jobs posted by people requesting written work done.
  • Write eBooks and reports to sell on his own website and/or the other eBook selling platforms like Amazon Kindle.
  • Publish articles on numerous websites and earn money.
  • Sell pre-written articles on specific websites.

I know that he once tested to see if it was possible to earn money as a newbie writer charging $5 for a 300 – 500 word article.

Within a week he had earned an extra $100 writing short articles in the evenings for clients.

That was just an experiment, but he realized that he could have carried on writing for clients, getting more and more feedback, and incrementally increasing his gig price until he was charging a decent amount of money.

He would then be earning more and doing less.

The fact is, he doesn’t need to use Fiverr as he has a tight network of clients that are happy to pay him good money to write articles and emails for him… but should he need to, he could use Fiverr and many other sites to find paying work.

And as you are beginning to understand, he can find that paid work no matter where in the world he is.

I’m Not Suggesting You Become A Writer, But…

Okay, Drew is a writer and he enjoys writing. He loves to be paid to be in his office listening to chilled-out Ibizan music with his feet up drinking a big mug of tea while he writes.

Now I’m not suggesting that you become a paid writer… but I am suggesting that you:

  • Understand how profitable writing and the written word can be.
  • Understand how freeing it can be when you use the written word.
  • Use the written word to build yourself a FREEDOM business.

The Ultimate PROFITABLE FREEDOM Business Is?


A Digital Information Publishing Business

That’s right… a digital information publishing business is both profitable and freeing.

I believe it to be one of the best Freedom Businesses there is.

  1. You can make money selling products on autopilot 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week.
  2. The products only need to be created once.
  3. Products can be sold for many years.
  4. Products are delivered digitally and automatically with zero costs.
  5. You do not need any staff.
  6. You do not need a location-dependent office or workplace.
  7. You can charge a premium price for information products.

The Write Way To Build A Six-Figure Freedom Business

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