The Secret To Amplifying Your Efforts And Making More Money

There’s a secret that I and several other successful people use which very few people know about.

Well, I say they don’t know about it, it’s there in front of them every day, hiding in plain sight but very few people realize how powerful it really is.

I want you to think about the traditional salesman for a moment.

You know the ones; they walk up and down streets knocking on doors hoping to be invited in to talk about their wonderful new product.

Or the traveling salesman who call into offices and factories to try and get to show off their latest products. 

They may phone the office beforehand to arrange a meeting with whoever has been granted the use of the company credit card so that they are not turned away when they turn up unannounced.

The traditional method of selling, the one that people imagine in their mind’s eye, is a long-winded ‘face-to-face’ sales pitch by a person desperate to make a sale.

A face-to-face sales meeting is okay if the product you are selling is a high-priced order.

Something costing thousands of dollars is often best-sold face-to-face because when it comes to buying expensive items, most people are a little reserved and need to talk to someone in person.

If the price is high, it is a good use of your time. Willing to spend time talking to people for a sale worth thousands makes sense, but not for products that are less than $1,000.

When you give a face-to-face sales pitch to someone, you are spending YOUR time trying to convince someone why they need your product and why they should buy from you.

That initial sales pitch could be ten or fifteen minutes long.

If a person decides to not buy your product, you have lost that ten or fifteen minutes. You’ll never get it back.

You then need to move on to another person and start all over again.

During an eight-hour day, the most people you can see if you talk to each person for 15 minutes is 32.

And that is if they are all waiting outside the room and come in when called. Oh, and if you do not stop for any breaks whatsoever or go to the restroom.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize that seeing 32 people each day is very unlikely to happen.

If you did, you’d probably not have a voice left by the end of the week.

Over a five-day working week, as a maximum, you would only have spoken to 160 potential customers.

In reality, it’s simply not doable, and if the products you are selling cost less than $1,000 you really don’t need to be talking to everyone face-to-face.

Also, how demoralizing would it be if after spending all week talking to 160 people and not one of them placed an order with you?

My secret system allows me to ‘talk’ to a lot of people and if people say ‘no’ to my offer, I don’t feel demoralized or rejected because I am not there.

Want to know how I amplify my efforts and talk to thousands of people without losing much time?

by using Sales Letters & Emails

That is my secret.

I use sales letters and emails.

To see an example of one of my sales letters click here.

That may not sound like much of a secret to you and as I said earlier, the secret has been hiding in plain sight right in front of you, but have you realized how powerful sales letters and emails really are?

They allow me to ‘speak’ to multiple people and it only takes the time it took to write them once.

If I spend one hour writing a sales page that takes a prospect 15 minutes to read and I show it to 2,000 people, I have saved myself 499 hours of work.

If I were to talk face-to-face for 15 minutes to all 2,000 people individually telling them everything that is written on that sales page, it would take me 62.5 days .. And that’s based on spending a full 8 hours a day talking to people (without breaks) just like I described before.

Yet I am able now to talk to thousands of people over what may become several years, all from spending just one-hour writing.

My sales letters and emails do the talking for me.

By spending just one hour writing a sales letter, I now have 499 hours (or more) to work on writing other sales letters or emails, or even better, I can spend that time with my family, my friends, or doing whatever I choose.

Obviously, you need to have access to thousands of people to show sales letters and emails too, but now that I have reduced my ‘talk’ time to one hour, I could spend some of the 499 ‘saved hours’ looking for people to show the sales letters too.

You may have never thought about it before, but the written word is incredibly powerful because it allows you to talk to thousands of people at the same time without having to lose any time.

The same message can be communicated to people at any time of the day (You could be fast asleep in bed while someone on the other side of the world is reading one of your sales letters) and it will available for people to read for many years to come.

It is the same with emails and articles.

Every minute which is spent writing amplifies your efforts and allows you to speak to many people at the same time.

A traditional salesman had little time to do anything else other than try to sell; their time was spent making phone calls trying to make appointments, attending appointments, and traveling between appointments.

Every minute spent on the phone trying to make appointments was a minute less of selling time.

Every hour spent traveling or walking was an hour less of selling time.

In contrast, when you do things the way you have just discovered, there is no lost selling time once you have your sales letters online.

Every sales letter and sales email is written is like creating another mini automated salesperson.

I have a team of these mini automated salespeople. (And you can too).

They work 24 hours each day seven days a week, do not need paying and they do not need to take time off to sleep, eat or go to the toilet.

I am amplifying an hour of my work into 500 hours or more.

Even if it takes me a day to write a sales letter, that day can pull in multiple orders over the years, giving me a far greater return on my efforts.

One sales letter or email could earn tens of thousands of dollars.

That is time well spent, and I didn’t need to talk to any of the people in person.

But, if I did want to be a little more personal and talk to people directly, I can add a video to the sales page where people can see and hear me giving a short message which accompanies the sales letter.

Again, recording a short video is another great way to amplify your efforts. You record it only once and then put it up online where it can be seen by thousands of people over the years.

Every sales letter, article, email, video and podcast that you put online can become like another automated mini salesperson waiting for a prospect to come along and start a conversation.

A conversation you have already preempted.

Another bonus of amplifying your efforts by using sales letters and emails is that you don’t have to repeat yourself and have the same conversation over and over, and over again, with potential prospects.

There is nothing more depressing than having to say the same thing over and over again, but with this powerful technique… you write it up once and then sit back, relax and let it do its work for you.

How good is that?

If you would like to learn more about creating your first (or next) sales letter or email, click the link below, because who knows? You may be just one letter away from changing your life forever.

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