How To Promote Your Business, For Free, Using Press Releases.

You’ve probably heard this before and it’s true: You can promote your business, for free, using press releases. The problem is however, most people have the totally wrong conception about how to use press releases – And I blame the Internet for this. You see, lots of inexperienced marketers think that writing and distributing press releases begins and ends with online distribution using a service such as Many of these marketers even focus on optimizing their releases for the search engines, so that they get Google traffic and backlinks. Sure, that tactic should certainly be part of an overall press release strategy. But the truth is: a press release (when done correctly) is worth so much more than that. This month you’ll discover the exact steps and instructions so that you too can start enjoying the publicity power of free press releases. So click the download button for today’s training and let’s get started.