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Important Things To Your Business

Did you know you can outsource pretty much everything you need to start an online business? Everything except for your idea – that’s got to be yours. And overcoming fear. Only you can do that. So let’s say you come to me, wanting to start an online business. You’re a blank slate, in that you […]

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Double Your Conversions With One Sentence

Believe it or not, a single sentence can literally double the conversions you get on your higher ticket items. Yes, this sounds too good to be true, but once I reveal what the sentence is, you’ll understand. Now mind you, do not try this with low ticket items. You’ll hate yourself in the morning if […]

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The Basic Old School Marketing Tips

Marketing methods might change, but people don’t. Not really. I know a guy who consistently makes seven figures in his business without studying the newest, latest and greatest online marketing techniques. Instead, he studies traditional “offline” methods that have worked for decades, not just weeks or years. His customers love him and his products sell […]

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How To Make Money Without Your Own List

Okay, I love working with my own list, nurturing it, emailing it everyday… but I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So when I run across a business that makes good money without having to nurture a list, and it only take a few hours per week or month, I figure it might be […]

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Avoiding Long Arm Of The Law

There are a few things you need to know to stay on the right side of the law when using testimonials. First, you need to disclose any relationship you have with the endorser. For example, if you provided a free review copy, if the endorser is your cousin or employee, if you are business partners, […]

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Tips On How Get More Testimonials

Did you know that simple testimony can lead your product or website more sales? Many of products, especially if someone recommended that product can be effective to have sales to other target prospects. Every single comment or testimony is very helpful to your business. In this article you will know what are the things that […]

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Let Customers Do Your Marketing For You

You know about testimonials – those little blurbs from customers that tell prospects how great a product or service is. But did you also know that over 70% of customers look at product reviews before buying? And 90% of participants in a Zendesk survey say they were influenced in their buying decisions by positive reviews. […]

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Customers Are Not Always Right

You get a negative comment, or worse yet, a nasty comment on your blogpost. What do you do? You could take the time to answer it, or you could just delete it. It’s up to you, but I look at it this way – I don’t have time for Negative Nellies. They’re upset because they […]

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How To Contact Perfect Strangers For Business

Does CAN-SPAM laws sound like the most boring topic ever? Yes. Do you need to know it as well as you know your conversion stats? Only if you want to avoid SERIOUS fines or worse. Let’s see if we can inject some fun into this topic while keeping you and your business out of hot […]

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7 Tips To Increase Your Video Audience

There was a time when it didn’t matter how long your videos were because people were happy to watch most anything online, if they had a fast connection. Then came the video deluge, with millions and billions of videos all competing for eyeballs. “Make it short! Make it snappy!” was the cry of the day. […]

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