Running Your Internet Business Tip #1: Video Demos, by Nick James, The Internet Business Coach

Preselling Tip Number #1 – Using Video Demonstrations. And that’s to show your target audience a video demonstration of how to use your upcoming product… And The Ultimate Benefit of using it. You see when people better understand a product and what it can do for them the more persuaded they will be to spend their hard earned money on it when it becomes available. So, there you have it.. Another Quick Preselling Tip. But before we wrap this video up – A word of warning: Please don’t take these preselling strategies lightly. Many ‘lazy entrepreneurs’ will make the mistake of skipping the whole preselling process and wonder later on WHY their product didn’t sell very well. The best thing to do is to TEST a few of these tips either together (or separately) and discover the ones that convert best for you. With that said don’t forget to subscribe to this YouTube Channel for more tips like these. Then to discover my TOP TIPS for making your full-time living online -just like I’ve done since 2001 – Why not enrol to receive the free 7 Day eClass I’ve also prepared for you. Full details can be found in the description below. See you on that website in just a few seconds.

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